Jaffe: No 3D Planned for Twisted Metal on PS3

Sony has been pushing many of their exclusive titles into the realm of 3D, but one their biggest title resurrections will not be doing so – at least not as of today.

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Troll_Police3296d ago

That's fine, it can be patched in later. Now get back to work on Twisted Metal, Jaffe!

deadreckoning6663296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Good job point in focusing on a feature most PS3 owners won't use in the near future.

UNCyrus3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

This news is OLLLLLD!

This was reported in June! -- 6 months ago!

At the disagree... how can you even disagree? I posted a link, lol!

rukia_chan3296d ago

deadreckoning666 @

i agree.. 3D is a waste IMO.

r1sh123296d ago

@ deadreckoning666 youre right..
Plus it causes frame drops and reduced frame rates, no point ruining what could be a great game with good graphics and amazing cut scenes by going 3D and reducing the frame rate..

State of Matter3296d ago

I agree, i would rather they focus soley on gameplay and top notch 2d, 3d graphics, LOL. This stuff is getting confusing.

GenericUserName3296d ago

Funny how whenever a ps3 game releases without such and such a feature, the general consensus(excuse) is that it will be patched in later. See GT5

CrzyFooL3296d ago

Don't care, still wan't game. 3d hurts mah eyes anyway.

TheLastGuardian3296d ago

Twisted Metal doesn't need 3D or move support. It needs the classic TM gameplay, lots of returning vehichles and plenty of multiplayer maps and modes.

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darthv723296d ago

has the sense to see that. When they are ready, they will do their own.

Wish movie studios would back off it just a tad as well.

Half_Life_33296d ago

the movies are not really 3D, Imax is true 3D that comes out of the screen to your face. I've not seen 3D in a 3D tv yet.

Kleptic3296d ago

I'm betting christmas sales of this 3d movement are going to finally put it to rest for a few more years...

Every demo i've seen at retail stores left any 3d experience noticeably lacking...

3D blu ray stuff works 'well'...but you HAVE to stay so still to not have the image completely blurred and weird it drives me crazy...

GT5 in 3D was available to play on a 60" samsung at my local best buy...and every dude I heard in line was saying how it wasn't worth it, most complaining of headaches after...i can totally see that, if you move your head at all plan on shutting your eyes...its that annoying...

i never noticed that in theatres with 3D stuff, but possibly because the screens are so much bigger you don't notice the blur as much when scanning the screen...but on smaller displays for living rooms...its almost a waste with the current technology...

but the best news is that its driving the cost down on normal full HD televisions like crazy...pretty soon anyone can afford a great HD tv that will work perfectly for BD and gaming...thats definitely a good thing...

Silly gameAr3296d ago

Can't wait until the 3DS drops just to see how many opinions change.

Sizzon3296d ago

Whatever, not many people have 3D TV's anyway.

sleepy33296d ago

Biggest gimmick in gaming after motion controls if you ask me.

Whatever happene dto the good old days when you could go to work, hit the gym, then get home and relax for an hour on the couch playing a game.

Soon wii (see what i did there, lol) will have to come home and wave our arms about just to play a relaxing game.

as far as i see it,game s should KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

RankFTW3296d ago

Nooooooooooooooo, 3D FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.