MySims: 'Wii and DS Gameplay' and 'Play With Us' Trailers

Wii and DS Gameplay Trailer: "New footages of Wii and DS players building, creating and customizing an entire town."

Play With Us Trailer: "Make this town your own as the inhabitants of the MySims town invite you to come play with them."

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ktchong4084d ago

and they have never gotten 100-degree, ever. Gamers here are just either hardcore or fanboys who are only interested in comparing whether PS3 or Xbox 360 has a bigger penis.

reaperxciv4084d ago

coming up for nintendo wii & ds, no way to go but UP!

I'm looking forward to these as my kids love nintendo too

AliC4084d ago

Better not let the Girlfriend see this, she likes Sims 2 on the PC, but since she's getting a WII she may way this as well.