PCN: Gran Turismo 5 Review, by a GT Fan for GT Fans

Does Gran Turismo 5 live up to the hype? finds out...

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Sackdude3286d ago

Awesome review!

The game is not perfect, but its the best racing game i have played this generation.

scar203286d ago

But then again what game is perfect when it is launched?

WaggleLOL3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

How absolutely inane and absurd Xbox fans in the media had to go to find material to put in their 'Cons' sections should be a pretty good indication of just how amazing GT5 really is.

The fact anyone is even talking about perfection is as good an indication of why the Gran Turismo games are the standard by which all other console racing games are judged and fail miserably in doing so.

GT4 sold some 11.12 million copies worldwide. GT5 is selling at a rate that is 60 percent faster than GT4 did. All while being put through the largest and most intense smear campaign from the gaming media in the history of the console market.

PS360PCROCKS3286d ago

"But then again what game is perfect when it is launched?"

Um Gears of War 2 duh!

i kid I kid.

Rageanitus3286d ago

ahem Halo Series /s
Pefect 10's all around after all thats what counts in the end right .... right?

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Lord_Doggington3286d ago

this will help the 84 score on meta

MNicholas3285d ago

what Polyphony digital would have accomplished if they had as large a budget as Turn10.

Polyphony Digital, with only 140 employees, have published numerous games for multiple platforms in the last 5 years culminating with GT5, the only sim available on consoles.

Turn10, with 300+ employees has produced Forza 2 and Forza 2.5.

The Japanese are certainly a lot more efficient.

Maddens Raiders3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Been a fan of this game since the old school blue GTO days and the introduction to the "High Speed Ring" & the Nissan Skyline along w/ the rest of America. Kind of hard for me to speak bad about it, believe me if I could I would b/c PD have set the bar at near unattainable levels, but I have no gripes. It's prettier than the prettiest console game out there, has a sound track so silky that I could invite 30 people over for drinks and no one would know it was GT5 (I always turn off race music and play lounge and interstitial music) & more in depth than most dealerships themselves.

With that said, this is the only game I want to play right now and update v1.03 just came down.


Bathyj3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

The sad thing is, no other game is EXPECTED to be perfect.

Zelda OoT isnt perfect.
Halo isnt perfect.
Halflife, Mario 64, Uncharted, CoD, GTA, Red Dead, God of War, LBP etc etc etc arent perfect.

Yet are these games are reveered. All have received 10's and GotY awards, and their tiny faults are overlooked as they are not gamebreaking, and in some cases, major faults that do hamper gameplay are overlooked as well as the game is held in such high regard.

Yet GT is the only game where it has to prove itself as perfect and then gets punished because it isnt. Every review starts with "After numerous delays, bla bla bla". Its lost points before it even starts. They're not judging whats in front of them, they're judging the frustration they've already felt.

If I went into a movie and my friend already told me for hours how much he hated it, would that be fair to just write it off without first seeing it, or should I actually watch it and judge for myself based on what I saw.

I used this analogy once before, judging GT by its delays and set backs and all the back story would be like saying to Francise Ford Coppella that Apocalypse Now is a crap film because Sheen had a heart attack, a typhoon destroyed their sets, Brando was a prick to work with, Hopper was stoned the whole time and the Phillipino Government took their helicopters back when you needed them. Yet at the end of the day (and even 30 years later) none of that crap matters because you dont see all that when you sit down and hear Flight of the Valkeries pumping out in 5.1

No one ever mentions it, but I love the 2nd hand car dealership. You never know whats going to pop up.

I check it after every race or event I do. Hell even attemping a race puts new cars in there. Its like Christmas everyday.

Maddens Raiders3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

comment really sums it up for me:

"Role Playing Racer"

-there's something about this GT that is so deep and inviting...I still haven't put my finger on 'it' yet though, but it has to do with the sum of the little things: Museum cards, daily visit perks, car tokens/coupons for trading, the timely cuts (music), the a.i., user interface, it's all so silky smooth, thought out and laid out...

Bathyj3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Theres a hidden series of flashing lights undectable to humans except on a subliminal level.

These lights tigger a chemical endorphin in your brain that creates a feeling of well being, adrenaline and the mastery of powerful machinery.

The problem is when you go 2 hours without this chemical your hands shake and you feel the need to play GT without knowing why.

Its a huge conspiracy, Sony is behind the whole thing.

morganfell3285d ago

Maddens, thanks for that quote. Several friends have asked me to describe the game and I have always broken into a lengthy description when it really was unnecessary.

"Role Playing Racer"

I don't think there is a more apt way to describe the title in such a brief fashion.

Bathyj, that Used Cars section is a fantastic implementation. When you are an amateur, if you don't jump up and race some Muscle Cars then you won't get the Dome Concept. The Used Cars becomes the avenue for the Japanese Classics race. It's a fantastic randomized feature that offers you that occasional gem. My garage is at the point now I am going to have to start selling.

Maddens Raiders3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Morganfell you're welcome and no problem. Yes, it is a very succinct and to the point description of GT5.

Booyah3286d ago

I completely agree with you. I used to be scared of GT5 but since last week(bought it), I am so happy with this complete racing game !!!

NateCole3285d ago

Does it matter?. To real fans of gaming and car nuts a like GT5 is without equal. In the real world at least. Everyone i know who are car fans or GT fans are in love with this game.

Lets face it. We all knew this was going to happen. GT5 is the perfect game to nitpick because in a lot of way GT5 really does represent Sony. It's Sony's biggest game from their biggest eastern dev team.

This generation as any old time gamer knows has gone to the dogs. This generation has really gone casual. You have gems like Demon Souls and the little kiddies cry that it is too hard. Don't even get me started on KZ2 controls. Everything is now about instant gratification. Kids these days want everything NOW! and on a silver platter. GT5 goers against the grain. The old good days of gaming is gone.

Masterchef20073285d ago

Nice review by someone who truly appreciates the series

RememberThe3573285d ago

It seems there are few of those left in the gaming media...

TerrorCell3285d ago

That's the problem with reviews it's subjective. So let me get this straight this guys review is okay. Because it gives a good score. But igns review is obviously biased because they gave it a lower score

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