PALGN: Christmas Buyer's Guide - Wii

PALGN: "In a year dominated by so many titles across formats, the Wii has managed to step up to the challenge, offering several strong exclusive games from both first and third parties. Some of them involve motion-sensing, whereas others may play better using a classic control scheme. No matter what your controller preference is, the Wii has some stellar games which would be worthy of any Christmas stocking this year."

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Venox20083290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

picachu and tetris is not my style, but others rock! :) especially No more heroes 2, Sin & punishment 2, red steel 2, Silent hill: SM, SMG2, endless ocean 2 and ..... :) and people say wii hasn't got games :)

Mahr3290d ago

"Sin & punishment 2"