X360 Magazine: 5 PS3 Games We’re Looking Forward To

NowGamer: For all its majesty of integration and penchant for pwning noobs, we can’t help but look forward to the PS3’s list of 2011 exclusives with just a smidgeon of envy. With Gears 3 the only officially confirmed exclusive for Xbox 360 next year, we’re anxious to sample experiences a little more cerebral and user-generated. Besides hurling insults at some fifteen-year-old from Utah, those are thrills the 360 looks set to miss out on. Here, therefore, is the list of PS3 exclusives that might make us dust off the old bugger…

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rrw3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It seem 360 magazines Realize that their game lineup for 2011 is Dust compare to Ps3 to the point that they decide to believe that Ps3 is superior and supporting them.

Sorry Xbox fanboy but it simply a fact that Ps3 have better year on 2011.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

XD!! Hell yeah.

No KZ3, RES3, Infamous2? Booo!

TreMillz3287d ago

You're not really going to expect them say "Hey we're tired of Halo so BRING ON THE KILLZONE!" right?

presto7173287d ago

Xbox 360 magazine are not worthy to talk of ps3 exclusives. They should remain in their delusion and keep fooling themselves. Losers....

Perjoss3287d ago

positive ps3 stuff from a 360 site and the sonys are still not happy...

I got 2 things to say about your comment, in 2011 there will be many many more multiplat games than exclusives and 90% of them will look better on the 360.


3287d ago
Dirk Benedict3287d ago

Perjoss. 95-99% of those multi-plats won't even touch Uncharted 1.


Troll_Police3287d ago

Reality just set in for Perjoss and he finally realizes that there will be nothing for him to play on the Xbox next year so he says "in 2011 there will be many many more multiplat games than exclusives and 90% of them will look better on the 360". Care to name some of these awesome multi plats and remember that the PS3 version of Dead Space comes with Extraction for free and the last Batman game had exclusive Joker content for the PS3 so I expect the same for the new one. I'm listening.............

pork_chop_express3287d ago

I like x360 magazine its pretty good.


what like:
Lost Planet 2
AC brotherhood
Split Second
ninja storm 2
end of eternity
dantes inferno
bad company 2
force unleashed 2

from this year lol.

That argument is fail.

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jneul3287d ago

lol xboys do have something to play on -- kinect -- lool
i think im gonna be broke even more next year too many good games coming for ps3 lol and my purse is not big enough

LilMissGoddess3287d ago

i think rrw is nasim from the past.....nice "new" acct, should look good next to your other 100 accts.

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Feckles3287d ago

Surprised that Killzone 3 isn't in here. But then again the Xbox crowd would never acknowledge it as a decent shooter.

LilMissGoddess3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

ok i can answer that- i beat killzone 2, and it was nothing great. it was an ok game, but once i got to the train level of it i lost any of the "fun" i was having with it. enemies on auto respawn until you get to a certain point is lame. i beat it to get the trophies, and to see what all the "fuss" was about.

then i went onto multiplayer, and well lmfao at that. it also seems the ps3 community, OUTSIDE of n4g, ya know the millions of REAL SONY GAMERS, agree with me, hence why the numbers for multiplayer fell off big time within 3 months of killzone 2's release. it was a joke. nothing special what so ever. i mean is there anything the "xbox crowd" need to recognize with this title?

since i know your comment is referring to halo, well halo since halo 2 has and still has the best mutliplayer on CONSOLES. halo 2 would still have more numbers of players online today over killzone2 had MS not pulled the plug on it. that should tell you something.....

i got my eyes on killzone 3, seems as though to me, with such features as co-op and all that killzone 3 is trying to become the game killzone 2 was not. killzone 2 was over-hyped and an average shooter at best- the only thing that stood out with it was its looks. halo has a good story for a fps, great controls, awesome gameplay in general, and multiplayer that gg dreams about.

in other words, halo has always had things to make it stand out in a sea flooded with shooters, and well reach kept that up. we will see how killzone 3 stacks up in feb. if anything, ill play it for the co-op WHICH SHOULD'VE BEEN AN OPTION IN KILLZONE 2.

Nykamari3287d ago

Simple question. If Halo 2 has more players then why their not on Halo 3 or Reach?

Heavy_Rain3287d ago

Who cares what an xbot thinks. Get this - PS3 fans dont care about Halo. They dont care about games which look like power rangers. So stfu and play halo and watch the replay of all the power rangers shooting each other

TimmyShire3287d ago

It's not surprising really, how many games does Xbox 360 have next year? 1?

Compared to Sony's, 7-8?

It's all maths, innit.

Lou-Cipher3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

7-8 ?

Dont you mean 15-20

1. The Last Guardian
2. The Ico Collection
3. Infamous 2
4. Socom 4
5. Killzone 3
6. Resistance 3
7. Final Fantasy: Versus XIII
8. MLB 11: The Show
9. Little Big Planet 2
10. Sorcery
11. Heroes on the Move
12. Twisted Metal
13. MotorStorm: Apocalypse
14. Yakuza 4
15. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

And that is not even counting most of the Move titles, or any of the PSN exclusive games.
Plus we all know Uncharted 3 & Sly Cooper 4 are coming as well.

thedisagreefairy3287d ago

sly cant because of infamous, but omg if uncharted 3 doesnt cum out next year, i will cry

fastrez3287d ago

Hmm, are these guys trying to troll N4G specifically. Seems like what they're doing. Usually like these guys, but can't agree with this nonsense.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3287d ago

I'm currently stuck trying to beat MgSPW, The fight, Demon's souls and dead nation. Need to hurry cause the new year is coming.

Games I'm looking forward to:
-Ace Combat
-FFv13 (I can dream)
-Infamous 2
-Socom 4
-Resistance 3
-Uncharted 3 (we all know it's coming)
-DCUniverse Online

Prolly more just can't remember.

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