PS3 Playstation Move top 15 'Most Wished For' game product‎

Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Starter Bundle for the Playstation 3 ranked as a ‘Most Wished For’ product at prior to release of the new game product.

This week, the Playstation Move Starter Bundle ranked as the No. 15 ‘Most Wished For’ product in Amazon’s Video Games division.

The Playstation Move sells at $49.99 each.

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dorron3290d ago

They should drop the price to achieve quick move adoption by the masses...

jneul3290d ago

/facepalm 4.1m moves have been distributed since September thats more than 1 million per month!!

Dramscus3290d ago

What they'll likely do is have a few sales at various places in the next couple of weeks.

Anon19743290d ago

That really makes zero sense to me and I can't believe how many times I've been hearing this parroted recently.
"Shipped not sold."
What the hell does it matter, shipped versus sold if the Move controller is selling out everywhere?

Do you really think retailers are just stockpiling Move controllers in a warehouse somewhere? Because that would be so like them, stockpiling a hot item in their warehouses rather then selling them when they're obviously in high demand at the peak shopping season of the year.
At this rate by the end of the year there will probably be somewhere between 6 and 7 million Move controls sold. And that's sold, not shipped, although I'm sure there were be a few trolls still going "That's probably shipped numbers and thusly they don't count."

3dawg3289d ago

"shipped, not sold"
believe it or not those things are good as sold. coz as far as i can see these retail store around my area are sold out every time they receive shipment. so...

Moentjers3289d ago

if you can't find a Move controller anywhere:
shipped = sold !

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pork_chop_express3290d ago

As much as people might disagree move does deserve to be an option for the majority of upcoming titles.

It would def fit with dead space 2, mass effect, portal 2 imo.

And I say the same for wii titles that use similar control setups it adds alot to games like goldeneye.

RE4 on wii was a serious upgrade and so was RE5 with move. I know we got socom, Kz3 and mag but the more the merrier.

jneul3290d ago

Looks like the haters failed move is selling very well, 4.1m moves and rising

GenericUserName3290d ago

shipping very well..what haters? as far as i remember, the hate was for kinect. 15 kinect fail articles were a daily thing on the the new thing is 500 million, as if thats supposed to be a bad thing. 2.5 million SOLD in 25 days!

Lionhead3290d ago

05 Dec 2010 (1d 1h ago )

How do you know of all these articles?

GenericUserName3290d ago

"were a daily thing on the web."

duplissi3289d ago

oddly enough all ive seen are articles trying to convince us of its worth, and to remind us its out....

yeah anecdotal evidence ftw!!!

3289d ago
strickers3289d ago

Can you suggest how MS came to that figure?They said that on day 25 too,so you are telling me that MS know this.
It's bull crap.They've monitored a few stores(favourable ones)and averaged it OR they are claiming a sell out of all units shipped(I know that isn't true).Honestly,MS could crap in bag and some of you guys would buy it.
Near me after the supposed sell out my local store had 3 stand Kinects and about 8 bundles.It's a small Game too.
Now Move is different.2 people at my work have had trouble getting it with it being sold out at Play and Shopto and higher than RRP at Amazon.Took a week for one to come through and was sold out again instantly on Play.
For all these years we've had the perception that 360 outsells PS3 and then you look at actual figures and realise the PS3 has sold much faster than 360 and frequently outsells it.

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fight4love3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

They need a zelda like game. A game that allows you to go on an adventure maybe with a rpg element or maybe one where your a solider in the dark ages. hmm there are alot of possibilities but i don't hear anything like that coming out.

dorron3290d ago

Maybe if they had Dragon Quest ported from Wii...

Pedantic913290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

They need a game where you can wield a sword and shield with 1:1 movement (not perfect 1:1, but close) but why stop there ? why not add whips and wands where you can perform whipping and magic attacks with a flick with the move. Alchemy and brewing potions, loads of dungeons to explore, treasures. setting shops with rare items (kinda like FLyff) with some semi-online similar to Demon souls. Etc etc.......the possibilities truly are endless.

eggbert3290d ago

I've been trying to find a standalone move controller, and NO ONE has one for sale.

Amazon has them for $70ish dollars from third party retailers, and the gamestops/walmarts/target' s around me don't have the STAND ALONE in stock.

I really don't want to dish out $70 for a $50 product...

shikamaroooo3290d ago

me too LOL been looking since november theres a 2 month waiting list to get one form my EB games also since christmas is coming up its going to be even hard to find one

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