GameZone Review: Gran Turismo 5

"Gran Turismo 5’s long awaited release is finally upon us, and though Sony’s hype machine would have you believe otherwise, it is not the event it has been hailed as."

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SasanovaS19873292d ago

been playing gt5 nonstop since release date. no review can argue that. if theres 1 game you cant review, its gt5. cus no matter how many wrongs it does, bringing its review down, theres 1 thing it does right, and thats driving. its the best driving sim on the market, period.

Cevapi883292d ago

two things pissed me off...the fact that he said you have to complete the first license in order to get in the amateur events....dumbest thing this guy could have said...the 2nd was the fact that he couldnt complete a top gear challenge...seriously i got 3rd place my first time around and this guy couldnt even break the top half of the racing field...he's gonna say he completed GT 1-3 with 100% completion but he cant drive in GT5...please do us all a favor, sell your copy of Gt5 to someone who will appreciate it for everything that it has to offer...i feel sad for it knowing that you still own it

Jack Meahoffer3292d ago

Oh no! Not another biased game journalist!

At this point there are more biased game reviewers than non-biased. And all third party developers are lazy... Yeah it all makes sense... If you're a child with a victim complex. Poor victim Sony. That poor multinational corporation sure gets bullied by the mean kids. Haha you guys crack me up.

jeseth3292d ago

As written by someone who can't drive.

But he'll give NFS a 9/10...LOL...go jump off a cliff please. Then, in your next life, don't pretend to be a journalist!!!

Pathetic. Top Gear challenge . . .LMAO . . . hahahahaha.

kancerkid3292d ago

Who cares what he gave NFS? Are you saying he should compare GT5 to that?

aaron58293292d ago

i'm too addicted to gt5 to notice the reviews.. :P

it's my break time from gt5... update firmware and latest 1.03 patch..

i'm off to gt5 again.


ambientFLIER3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


"its the best driving sim on the market, period."

LOL. PC gamers would like to have a word with you...there are racing games that are much more "SIM" than GT5.

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Redrum0593292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

these reviewers are so damn stupid for judging the game off its dev time. many games take long, they just get anounced not long b4 release.

so in other words, by their standards (dumb-reveiwers), games that get announced just a few weeks prior to release should all get 10/10

fuck these reviewers, ive never loved cars more since GT5.

WaggleLOL3292d ago

Let's be honest, none of these fanboy reviews are 'judging' GT5. They are just using whatever excuses they can to prop up the low score they had already picked out in their mind before they ever got their hands of the game.

Information Minister3292d ago

I don't know if this nonsense was written by a fanboy or just someone who would rather be playing another generic arcade racer. Either way, if you can't put aside your personal preferences and review a game for its features and quality, then you shouldn't be reviewing at all.

kancerkid3292d ago a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation. (definition of review)

Yea, reviews are subjective. If you cannot get over that, stop reading them.

Who cares if someone likes a game you like or not?

Crazyglues3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ok I didn't even read this review, and I don't have to... I already know it's stupid, because one thing GT5 will never be is a 6.5


Maddens Raiders3292d ago

and yes there was a lot of stupid shyt in the "review".

tplarkin73292d ago

The guys who never play anything but their PS2 and PS3 don't know that typical Sony games have been stagnant since PS1. This is the reason for the "mixed" reviews.

strickers3292d ago

Idiot.Have you seen the new IP Sony have delivered this gen?You want stale,look to Ninty.A whole new control scheme and the same old games.

aaron58293292d ago

your 1 bubble explained your logic to me

RememberThe3573292d ago

That comment is sincerely ignorant. All that Sony has been doing this generation proves it wrong. I've been playing PS2, Xbox, PS3, 360, PC games for a while now and nothing has remained stagnant. Sony has been pushing for innovation from jump street. Nearly every game they have put out is innovative in it's respective genre.

The mixed reviews come from a mix of what people want from GT5. If you want driving, you get more than you could have asked for; if you want arcade racing then you are not going to be happy. This game blossoms the more you play it.

Jaces3292d ago

It's so disappointing that reviewers keep on basing their score off the hype and how long it took to make.

Rate the game not the development time. You don't see reviewers mentioning how long AC: Brotherhood or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit took and giving them an A+ for making such a great game in such a short amount of time.

If they where handed GT5 without knowing how long it took I wonder if they would have rated it differently? Food for thought.

3292d ago
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Pwee3293d ago

good job nobody knows of this site!

come on a 6.5?

PimpHandHappy3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

"Gran Turismo 5’s long awaited release is finally upon us, and though Sony’s hype machine would have you believe otherwise, it is not the event it has been hailed as."

ME= Sonys hype machine? Do they mean advertisements? Shame on you Sony for advertising

Standard cars, which make up the majority of the game’s roster, have very limited damage models and completely lack the detailed interior views (or interior views of any kind) found in Premium cars. It’s like if only 20% of the fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had special moves

ME= If 20% of the Marvel vs Capcom fighters had a special move it would be like 15 fighters... Not like that game has even close to 200 fighters let alone 1000

The developers seemingly reside within a bubble where no other recent simulation racing games have been released (including, apparently, Gran Turismo 4). Thanks to studios like Codemasters and Turn 10, a revolution may be occurring within the genre, but it has nothing to do with this obsolete franchise...

ME= Yea like Turn 10 or Codemasters care about physics and car history like Poly

btw calling Forza a sim is like calling Killzone a future wartime simulation when in fact future wars will be fought with joy sticks and bombs

Pennywise3293d ago

PD should have just added a generic interior for the standard cars. I think that would shut everyone up.

DigitalAnalog3292d ago

They're trying to see how far they can push with simulation. And the strongest aspect of this game is the driving as well as some of the most detailed tracks (some tracks can make the car shake violently in cockpit mode which is quite scary.

-End of line

ambientFLIER3291d ago

If PD ain't looking for scores, then neither should you! Don't get upset anymore when bad reviews come out, k?

awesomeperson3292d ago

@ Penny, too bad they're perfectionists. Even if it would have improved scores I don't think they would have done it.

PimpHandHappy3293d ago

and yes

i feel dirty giving them a hit but i was bored and wanted to see how much IGN he used in his review... Again with the menu's.. So silly

Esena3292d ago

Hahaha, exactly. Having difficulty navigated the menus? Well, here is a nice idea...learn how to navigate the menus! How many games do we play that have different interfaces, different menus, different mechanics? But when it comes to GT5, ugh, these menus sure are too difficult for me.

ambientFLIER3291d ago

The only thing silly is you not knowing grammar. Plural of menu = menus.

calitax3293d ago

OK, guys.

Next time, please try to gain some clicks for your website with quality exclusive content.

To use a low score for a game with a metascore of 85 is almost stupid.