Fallout: New Vegas patch incoming

M2G Writes:

It seems that the next patch for the latest in the Fallout series will be heading our way soon.Posting on the game’s official Facebook wall, developers have confirmed that the patch for New Vegas has been submitted to platform holders and should be with us soon.

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Petro892877d ago

Well said.

This game has been unplayable for me since week 1 because of main quest glitches.

Shield2877d ago

My thoughts exactly.

Hopefully they've fixed the DLC and corrupt save problems that have stopped me dead in my tracks. Guess we'll see.

showtimefolks2877d ago

that's the console i have and all my friends who played it said game is good but too many bugs/glitches

are there any plans for suture patches after this i sure hope so

poopface12877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Ive done two playthroughs already but I encountered a few glitches and once a quest wouldnt update even when i was done with it, so it never completed and i couldnt continue the NCR main quest line.

I hope they fix that one too.

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pidram2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Hope they fix the Insane long loading times!

NegativeCreepWA2877d ago

Get the PC version then all the loads take a couple seconds.

gamerz2877d ago

How long does it take? I ask because I've rebooted the game a few times when the loading screen seemed to hang. I'm talking > 2 minutes. Does it actually finish loading?

Simco8762877d ago

Good thing Black Ops and Assassin's Creed has taken 100% of my time away from this game. When I fire it up again in about 3 months, the game will be way better than launch!

tommyth3cat2877d ago

I hope the freezes get fixed, as well as the giant exclamation point that appears instead of my modded pre-order pistol. On that note, why the heck can't you take mods off a weapon?

TheColbertinator2877d ago

They just designed Fallout NV that way.I don't agree with it but at least weapon mods show up again

Dirk Benedict2877d ago

this game is more broken than FO3 was, but i am compelled to to keep playing.

the game is very enjoyable. this is almost comparable to a kid licking a 9v battery and doing it again, because he or she enjoys the feeling.

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