GameZone Review: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Disney certainly knows how to milk a concept and Pirates Online is addictive procrasticandy. The game is free to download but in order to progress in quests and buy the best swag for your customizable pirate avatar you have to become a member and pay a low monthly fee."

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TheSanchezDavid3530d ago

MMO, huh? Yeah, I think I'll pass. I enjoyed these movies, but I can't say I care for this game.

Fragger2k83529d ago

This MMO wasn't the worst that I tried, but it definitely wasn't anything good. With that said, some of these MMO's have a lot of potential to be something better, but sadly they're mostly just quickly made piles of junk just there to get your money. The developers/publishers don't even care about the games, or the players.

If you ask me, Voyage Century, EVE, and a little bit of this game mixed together, with a good amount of extra effort put in, could turn out to be pretty dang awesome. Maybe one day we'll get a really great Pirateish MMO.

Anyone else ever try Voyage Century? The music is really great.

TomFG3529d ago

Agreed, plenty of potential. If only developers realised that a licence isn't enough.

StuartY3529d ago

It looked promising, but the problem is it's never going to hit the same audience as the movies.