Analyst: PS3 to Lead by 2011

Boston-based research firm Yankee Group has forecasted that the PS3 will lead Xbox 360 and Wii in North American sales by 2011, with the Wii in a distant third...

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DC RID3R5384d ago

I'll probably have retired gaming by then!!!!

Islandkiwi5384d ago

2011 will be then end of this gaming cycle, and the start of the new one.

And I have a hard time believing the Wii will hit such low numbers with their innovative gameplay and low entry price.

Thugbot1875384d ago

I have to agree. The Wii is one of the more asked about consoles from what the guys at Gamestop say. As for 2011 the next xbox should be about due to come out. I wonder what this reserch was based off of.

Balance5384d ago

i don't, that is about where i would expect the wii, it is a kiddie console, every 11yr old now might get a wii buy by 2010,2011 they will be 15 or 16 and will have gone out and bought a 360 or ps3 as they want to play more main stream adult games.

wakkiwakko5384d ago


Here's a cookie. Go choke on it.
Wii's an every gamer’s console. If you believe it's a kiddy console then x360 and PS2 (soon to be PS3) are mentally challenged teen consoles where every violent game is as easy as playing Mario on the NES.

Please… just because PS3 and 360 titles are more themed for maturity means nothing. If the games suck, the games, doesn’t matter if they have blood and gore. If they suck, they suck. Simple as that. Nintendo titles, though few, have a low ratio in crap games. PS2 and Xbox, filled with lots of titles (ps2 in the lead), have a lot of crap titles and a very low ratio of good games.

Nintendo sells what sells, Sony pushes what ever will make them money, even if it’s atrocious, and Microsoft has enough money to not worry about how a game is received.

jiggajayp5384d ago

The only thing that Mr. Ken is gonna lead is these fools into thinking that they are getting a super powerful console, 2 times the power of the XBOX 360 when in fact they are just getting ps2 on steroids!!!!! I thought ps3 was supposed to be 2 times as powerful as the XBOX 360??? By the looks of gears of war and resistance fall of man, I sure as hell can`t tell!!!! Resistance fall of man almost looks as good as call of duty 2!!!

THAMMER15384d ago

Is the author of this article being sarcastic? Because we will be gearing up for new consoles in 2011. I think it is funny that some people will actually be exited about this news. "DC" Wut up BoI!!

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The story is too old to be commented.