ActionTrip: Disney Epic Mickey Review

ActionTrip: "Some games just weren't meant to be. The overall concept might sound awesome on paper, but somewhere along the line, due to this bitch called reality, the execution falls apart and the end product is absolute crap. Typically, this product is released to the market anyways because developing a new product is expensive and you've got to try to get your money's worth even if the product is terrible."

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christheredhead2872d ago

wow, that dude really had it out for mickey haha. the review was overly harsh. epic mickey is a blast to play. its got old school characters/levels, different paths, platforming and exploration. the camera can be kinda weird at times but other than that i dont see much wrong with it. it shouldnt be scoring this low. its definitely not that bad.

Desert Turtle2872d ago

Wow, seriously? The camera isn't even game breaking.

Venox20082872d ago

ignore this review. end... :) this mickey's game is great

Cyrus3652872d ago

Ouch a pretty low score, this game in terms of reviews has been hit or miss, some love it, high scores, some don't - low/low scores.