Eurogamer: Are pre-owned sales killing gaming?

Eurogamer: "Parasitic." "Abusive." "A huge issue." "A critical situation." "Extremely painful." "Thievery."

Strong words. You might expect those kind of comments about piracy, drug dealers or baby-snatchers. Or drug-dealing baby-snatchers. But those are direct quotes from senior publishing executives about the second-hand games market. And that's just a small sample - the well of discontent over pre-owned sales goes much deeper.

We're all used seeing news stories about publishers commenting on used games. The calmer executives shrug, sigh and admit they're a reality of the market. Those who had a little too much coffee before the microphones were turned on are apt to directly compare second-hand sales to piracy or theft.

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RBLAZE19882872d ago

YES!! That's why companies like gamestop should allow a percentage of the used game sale to go back to the devs and publisher to be fair and to keep the industry, that keeps gamestop alive, going. The fact that people defend what gamestop does is pretty sickening. The rape the consumer and the people who bust their asses to make the game. It's disgusting and that's why we get shipped broken ass games because devs aren't seeing proper returns on their investments because gamestop buys the brand new game off of a consumer for $20 and sells it back used for $55. And none of that 35 dollars goes back to the publisher or dev and it's wrong. They should make a law to force gamestop to give a percent of the profit from a used game sale back to the people who made the game.