This Fallout: New Vegas mod is the best mod ever

This person made a Fallout: New Vegas mod to add one single line of text. It cannot be unseen.

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toaster4980d ago

lmao This is pretty awesome.

hay4980d ago

Lol, yeah, I saw the same thing. I wondered why the hell creators didn't give that option. It does look like two bears high-fiving...

Spydiggity4980d ago

first thing i thought of were two sumo wrestlers from Easter Island high-fiving.

Gawdl3y4979d ago

This mod was available for Fallout 3 as well.

drunkonjudgement4979d ago

It pissed me off so much that there wasn't bear high fives or a similar option on this question. To me it barely looked like any of the provided choices.

ThanatosDMC4980d ago

Exactly what i saw when he asked this.

femshep4980d ago

people still play the broken game? i know tons of people that loved fallout 3 bought nv then traded it in a couple hours later

Pillville4980d ago

I would be playing it, if I could successfully load my saved game.

I'm pretty p1ssed off that they say they have a fix, but are waiting to release it with the other patches/DLC. This is a game BREAKING bug, not just an annoying glitch.


Nineball21124980d ago

I'm playing it. And yes, it's buggy as sh!t... lol.

But, I'm still digging it.

I was having a huge problem whenever I tried to enter the Vegas strip. The screen would go black although I could still hear music and dialogue. It was doing this constantly and I didn't think I'd be able to finish the game.

I googled the problem and it turns out that a friggin' hat was the source of the problem. I was wearing a beret and I found out that if I wore a cowboy hat, I wouldn't have the problem.

I thought that there was NO way it could be that simple, but I got a cowboy hat, put that on my character, and no more problem... Now, that's ridiculous. LOL.

Da_Evil_Monkey4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

Broken?, I haven't had any problems with it. Apart from crappy framerate around NPC's, but that was fixed with this


It's a great game, it's a shame it got completely slammed for bugs that some people experienced, yet other games *cough* COD *cough* manage to get away with it.

On topic:
This is quite an old mod, does look like two bears high fiving though

hay4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

It's head and shoulders above F3 IMO. I hated F3, New Vegas is fun.

Shadowstar4980d ago

Really? They missed out. I mean, it really only had a few more issues than the already horribly buggy, crashy Fallout 3, but the story and the dialog options and so on were more reminiscent of the original Fallouts.

goukijones4980d ago

Played is and beat it, the few things that do go wrong are not reason enough to pass it up. It's still good and it's still fun. I put in over 45 hours.

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Matthew944980d ago

PC, it only does everything.

visualb4980d ago

if you keep updating the hardware...

and please, don't bother. I'm just stating a fact here.

I got NV on PC and love the mods =)

imvix4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

Not really, 4 year old hardware will outperform consoles. Its not like console hardware magically gains power every year.

Infact having a gaming PC is far cheaper in the long run then any console.

reynod4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )



Note how even 4 yr old midrange gpus run fallout 3 around 50fps @ 1080p, Since Fallout NV is the same game 4yr old hardware will continue to outperform console. Dont know where you are getting the upgrading hardware part?

Fallout 3 on both the HD consoles ran at a mere 30fps, wasnt even 1080p not sure if it was even 720p, so there we go another example of 4year old hardware out performing consoles.

Enjoy paying 10-20usd extra on every game much.

Edit: Infact Steam and D2D will probably have this game at a huge discount in the winter holidays. Good luck getting those deals on console.

King-Leonidas4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

so what we haz da gamezzz


Naugty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Guerrila Games, From Software, Kojima Productions, Santa Monica Studios, Quantic Dream, Team Ico, United Front Games, Zipper Interactive,Incognito Entertainmen, Media Molecule and Sony London Studios say hello.

Need i say more?

Matthew944980d ago

Valve And Blizzard say hello

also multiplats always look better

visualb4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )


you still have to update hardware.

I never said its more expensive, or a worst experience.

you people are too easy sometimes... =P you'll use ANY excuse to wave the "PC>CONSOLES" flag around

and I just proved it =)

as I said - I experienced the superior version of NV on PC, its the only way to go. Doesn't mean I don't love consoles too

be a real gamer, play PC AND consoles =)

reynod4980d ago

You have to buy new consoles too.. Thats like updating a PC. No one here said not to buy Consoles.

Its gamers such as yourself who spread misinformation saying stuff PC needs constant upgrades. I simply proved 4yr old PC made during the time of console launch will still outperform consoles.

hoops4980d ago

$100+ GPU running a 3 year old dual core CPU will play Fallout at 1080p above 30FPS solid using real AA.
This is something the consoles cannot do.
Also, the PC versison of Fallout is VASTLY superior to the Xbox360 and PS3 versions.
Better draw distance. Better Textures. Better AA. Better lighting. Better Frame rates. And to add icing on the cake. The game is $10-$20 less than the console version.
Why upgrade your PC when a 4 year old PC will run the game better than a console.
Drop $100 for a GPU and you get TRUE 1080P gaming.

y0haN4980d ago

visualb don't introduce dumb logic and people won't try and call you out.