MS: 360-Exclusive Kingdoms Has a Really Good Future Next Year

One of the more mysterious games announced at this year’s E3 was “Codename: Kingdoms.” All that has been said about the project up to this point is that Crytek is making the game exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Convas3296d ago

Yeah me too. I'm quite anxious to see what Codename: Kindgoms really is. We need a reveal MS!

SnuggleBandit3296d ago

This is a guaranteed timed-exclusive. Mark my words.

ksense3296d ago

^Yea i gotta agree
somehow i don't see this staying as exclusive. it most prolly is gonna be timed and since crytek is working on crysis 2 i see this game coming out in 2012 but we shall see.

On another note i would lmao if this is the game that geoff keighley said that one of the reveals goes as far as releasing in 2013.

Convas3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Errr, you want to explain to me how it'll be a Timed Exclusive if ... Crytek is developing and Microsoft Game Studios is PUBLISHING?

I seem to recall that that's one of the reasons the original Mass Effect will not make it to PS3.

LOL @ Disagrees. Something wrong with facts?

Game-ur3296d ago

I'm sure it will look good but how about gameplay, CryTeck are yet to make a must play game. They are great at engineering but average at game design.

Active Reload3296d ago

At least they get to concentrate on one platform. It ought to be rather impressive.

thief3296d ago

"Errr, you want to explain to me how it'll be a Timed Exclusive if ... Crytek is developing and Microsoft Game Studios is PUBLISHING? "

Just like Ninja Gaiden 2, which was PUBLISHED by MS, how did that end up - lets see, superior version with coop on PS3.

militant073296d ago


but Ninja Gaiden wasn't micrsoft owned IP but they have right to publish Ninja Gaiden 2 and thats it.

if Kingdom is Microsoft IP then NO.

SnuggleBandit3296d ago


I agree.

Does anyone know if they own the IP?

JokesOnYou3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

It all depends on the deal in place, I seem to remember alot of folks saying Gears would be on the ps3, never happened because micro had it locked down unlike ME2, besides I think micro is doing a good job of managing their exclusives vs timed exclusives, essentially having a game on their console exclusively for 6mo+ really benefits the 360 where it counts most= shor-term hardware sales boost and the lion share of software sells, by the time it hits ps3 its already done its intended job for the 360. This may seem like a negative, but only to those who want 3rd party games to stay exclusive for the sake of comparison lists, which in reality don't mean much outside of fanboy wars. For micro signing a deal for less money without buying full rights is a win, leaving them more cash flow to cut the next deal, plus they get the benefits of introducing a new title... VGA's, E3, Tokyo its micro in the showing off the IP for the world to see and remember. I mean the proofs in the pudding, previously exclusive games hitting ps3 so late haven't produced much in terms of real sales.

Thecraft19893296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Nope Microsoft have this one they own the IP like Sony own IP of uncharted.

SnuggleBandit3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


True, from a business standpoint, it really isnt that bad. However from our perspective, THE GAMERS, there really arent many reasons to own a 360 in terms of exclusive games. Besides Halo and Gears, what other great franchises are exclusive to the console?

Over time, the ps3 is accumulating more and more great exclusives, while all the 360 seems to be doing is losing them. While timed exclusives might be a good business tactic, there arent many games keeping people there for the long term besides Halo and Gears.

In the end its all personal preference, but if you could only get one of the two consoles, would you rather have two great franchises or a multitude of franchises (plus games that eventually go multiplat from the other console)?

@ thecraft1989

Uh, no Sony owns Naughty Dog and the Uncharted IP. Microsoft does not own Crytek. And who knows if they own the IP. As far as anyone knows, its just a publishing deal. Unless someone has a link?

Thecraft19893296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

SnuggleBandit Sorry man I stand corrected

It seems like crytek do own it but It seems like they wanted to work on one platform I don't known about this one but money is money if they can get it on platform later on it will be.

''We have been talking with Microsoft for five or six years now about working together -- and for some time I have said that I don't want to work [exclusively with a] first-party. The time came around where we said maybe this IP, Kingdoms, could be very strong for a first-party platform ''

HolyOrangeCows3295d ago

"Has a Really Good Future Next Year"

Until, as a Crytech game, it is delayed into next year.

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DOMination3296d ago

This reveal will shock the world. Crytek are going to produce one of the best games of the generation and there's only ONE place you can play it.

El Nino3296d ago

Oh so you've played it.

"Crytek are going to produce one of the best games of the generation"

that bit made me lol, i mean really????

have i missed something, i dunno exclusive preview or something

Anon19743296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I gotta say, this isn't even on my radar. Crytek has been around for a decade now and they've released two games. Crysis and Far Cry. I never played Crysis as when it was released my computer couldn't begin to play at decently, and I tried to like Far Cry, I really did, but ultimately I just couldn't get into it. Wow, that's a lovely jungle. Feels like I can go anywhere, except I can't and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm sure many stuck it out and had a blast with Far Cry, but for there's a lot of games out there. If I spend an hour with a game and it doesn't grab me, I'm moving on to something else.

Crytek has shown us exactly bupkis with Kingdoms. Until they give us something, what on earth is there to get excited about? I've got real games to play that I'm excited about right now. Now before you go jamming the disagree button, offer an opinion at least about why this should get anyone excited when games like Gears 3 have shown us what they're about already. That's a game to get excited about, not some phantom game from Crytek.

Hands Up For Games3296d ago


I'm really looking forward to seeing more about this game. It has the talent behind it to make it a hyped game. Just like another game I know nothing about but can't wait to see more of ..... Agent.

lowcarb3296d ago

"Feels like I can go anywhere, except I can't and I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

You must be talking about Farcry 2 not made by CRYTEK. Part one was pretty simple and straight foward.

Ahasverus3296d ago

Hey, man, we don't know what kind of game it is, if it's a game even (Could be a KInect history book (?)) and calling it -"one of the best games this gen"... is childish...

Theonik3296d ago

Except that there is no reason to expect that. Crytek isn't really the sort of studio where you expect a great game just because it's Crytek. If this game was a multi-platform release no-one would give a flying f*ck. It's one of the reasons why it's still worth making exclusive (or timed exclusive) releases, it's free advertising and all those fanboys will hype it up while talking out of their arse.

Focker4203296d ago

Ya but Crytek aren't Rockstar North. Agent is a sure thing, Kingdoms is a wait and see.

hoops3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


FarCry and NOT Farcry 2 was the better game.
You OBVIOUSLY played the console version of FarCry 2 which was Linear like most console FPS games. That game was NOT made by Crytek.
FarCry was not linear and open world.

Shepherd 2143296d ago

No, the original Farcry was not open world. But it was simple and straight forward, like lowcarb said. I was 15 when i first beat Farcry. Its not hard to figure out what to do.

The guy lowcarb was addressing was probably playing Farcry 2, which gave the illusion of an open world and used mountains and invisible walls to block off much of your navigation.

No Way3296d ago

Lol, Darkride.. you try to hard, >.<
It's obvious you would hate the game.

Why type so much? :D

Clarence3295d ago

Yeah crytek can keep this game the trailer looks wack. This reminds me of how everyone was hyped about that game what was it, Metro 2033. I believe this game will be a bust

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DigitalAnalog3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Doubt it. Crytek stated they wanted to experience what it's like being exclusive with a company, this applies also to SONY.

That, and you can guarantee that MS will purchase/publish the IP.

-End of Line

creamydingle3296d ago

Is this game going to be another alan wake? At least if it doesn't sell they can port it to the ps3 for some profit.

NecrumSlavery3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

The latest Cryteck Engine tech demo showed a variety of things from explosions and destruction, to forests, cities, & skies, to third person characters. Let hope it's something original and that the 360 community doesn't treat it like Alan Wake.

Mizz_mai3296d ago

YESSSS exclusive's take that

baodeus3294d ago

you forgot to put *sarcasm* at the end

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Troll_Police3296d ago ShowReplies(6)
Shanks3296d ago

Can't wait to play it on my new HD5870.

Ginbe3296d ago

Is a totally xbox 360 exclusive, like alan wake and halo reach.

Try again.

ForzaGT3296d ago

but you never know with 360 games

comp_ali3296d ago

Doubt it , Crytek has much if not all of its fans on the PC , probably a pc release later like Fable III.

el zorro3296d ago

Only if that is what Microsoft wanted. The deal was struck between MS and Crytek so it's not like Crytek can just unilaterally decide to put it on the PC just because they want to.

In any case, Shanks is trolling because there has been no indication that a PC version would ever be made. Just the typical PS3 fanboy mantra of "I'll just play it on my super duper PC".

In the end I don't really care what other consoles can play a game. All I care about is if a game I want is playable on one of the platforms I own. All the talk of exclusives, console exclusives, and timed exclusives is only for the fanboys. Who cares? All that matters to me is that I get the game I want.

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NYC_Gamer3296d ago

i hope this turns out to be some rpg

sayonara893296d ago

2012 IMO - delay incoming

swat3296d ago

trust me this word only on PS3

redDevil873296d ago

You mean like Alan Wake, Too Human and Splinter Cell Conviction

sayonara893296d ago

redDevil87: Or like Mass Effect 2 :P

AW TH and C:K were/will be released by MS, SC was released by Ubi, so there is still a chance ;)

Nitrowolf23296d ago

Gears of war 3?
Alan Wake?
Splinter Cell Conviction?

No Way3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Splinter Cell is a different story than the other two, though..
UbiSoft went back and completely re-made Conviction.

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