PS3's Xross Media Bar Invades TVs, Media Servers

Kotaku knew Sony announced that the Playstation 3's Xross Media Bar was going to be invading televisions awhile back now, but this is the first time they've seen it in action. While they think the Playstation 3 has a lot going for it, the user interface tops their list as one of the neater things packed into the console.

These pictures showing a Sony receiver with a Xross Media Bar are kinda cool, but what Kotaku really liked was the Home Media Service with the XMB. Check out all of those movies.

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yo_mama1234062d ago

Good idea. I like the XMB, it's basic, simple, organized, user-friendly, and looks great.

Fighter4062d ago

PSP introduced us to the XMB and the PS3 made it look real good. I think this is a good idea for Sony to implement it in their TV's.

mighty_douche4062d ago

using the same interface between all its products is a clever plan, customers will be encouraged to buy multiple sony products as they will fell safe as they already understand how to use the interface! sony, making technology user friendly?