Are We Making Too Much of a PlayStation Phone?

PCWorld: "Slap a PlayStation and a phone together and what do you get? Another week of cannibalized PlayStation Phone rumors about as interesting as a chat room for Sasquatch-spotters, and half as illuminating.

Okay, I admit it. I'm not really into the marriage yet. I wasn't onboard for the PSP Go, either. Sony's cute but demographically mismanaged device seemed designed to skid uncontrollably through the toughest (and yet perfectly unmissable) marketing curves. The PSP Go was kind of a train wreck, so I'm not exactly sanguine about Sony's ability to pull off a phone that's essentially just a PSP Go that can talk to cell towers."

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Joni-Ice3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Since the PS3 launch, it seems everything Playstation is talk about negatively and hated on. Its was said PS3 wouldnt sell price was too high, everyone hated on it. To this day Ps3 sells well. PSP go came out everyone hated on it. They act like Sony discontinued the PSP 3000 and put a gun to your head and forced you to buy a PSP go. Instead Sony just gave more options to a consumer. The article stated the PSP go was a train wreck, I ask to who? Not the consumer if anything. I have a go and personally the 3000 never felt portable to me having to carry around all those games. Now Playstation Phone is getting hated on. If you dont want to buy the phone dont buy it. I can see if Sonys trying to monopolize the cellphone industry with this PS Phone. They are just giving those who cares the option to buy.