Wedbush Morgan/EEDAR November 2010 NPD predictions

Wedbush Morgan and the EEDAR have provided their estimates for the November 2010 NPD sales data.

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gaffyh3292d ago

Wedbush numbers seem a little off, I still don't see 360 outselling Wii in November. No matter what happens throughout the year, Wii always seems to sell like crazy in November.

If these numbers are anywhere near close to the real numbers though, they are incredible sales all round. Even PSP sales are ok at 200k

Kurt Russell3292d ago

I am yet to buy a wii... bought as PS3 and an xbox so far... but the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns has got me tempting. I still think nintendo wins the platform genre, it's just a shame they're on a lack lustre system.

Death24943292d ago

Yea, no way in hell either console is going to sell like that. We're still in a recession, and if they're looking at VGChartz numbers, they'd probably come to that conclusion but yeah 1.m in a month is highly unlikely.

ct033292d ago

Yes, EEDAR looks at VGChartz to put together their predictions. Facepalm.

Death24943292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Yea, disagree with the fact that America is still in a recession? I seriously doubt that any console hit the million mark because of this. Too bad, NPD doesn't release the numbers anymore. People can now say anything they want. I also wasn't saying they base their analysis on VGC numbers. I'm saying as high as these numbers are, they look like they've been looking at VGC.

ct03: No matter what i say you're going to find some excuse to disagree with it.

gamingdroid3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So, the US wasn't in a recession last year?

Let's face it, the US economy was far worse last year and Nintendo sold 1.26 million consoles then. There is no reason why that can't happen again.

It would surprise me if Xbox 360 didn't do 1.2 million consoles considering last year they did 800k when they had the most competition breathing down their neck i.e. PS3's and Wii's price cut!

DeadIIIRed3292d ago

You forget we Americans have a mystical power called extreme credit card debt. Christmas is one of those times of year that we "must" spend money we don't have.

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Lightsaber3292d ago

only reason I dont buy a wii is I cant stand their controller. It might be great for wii sports or what ever but playing DKC or zelda with it sucks

Sez 3292d ago

If the are true great numbers all around.

SuperStrokey11233292d ago

pretty insane numbers there wow

Dark3603292d ago

The sales for the Xbox 360 are really strong after 5 years... congratulations Microsoft!!!

Sarevok3292d ago

''November 2010 NPD predictions''

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The story is too old to be commented.