Riccitiello: Better games can beat COD

EA CEO says a string of hits is needed to dethrone Activision’s FPS king.

John Riccitiello has a plan to outsell Call of Duty: “Make a better game. And make a better game again.”

The EA CEO said the publisher plans to develop and release a string of high-rated titles that will enable the firm to eventually dethrone Activision’s multi-million selling FPS series.

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gcolley2872d ago

they are really clueless yet hold important roles in important companies. their problem is they dont play the fricken games themselves.

you tried to make a better game twice (BC2 and MoH) and failed both times because you lost sight of the game you were making and tried to make a CoD.

single player BC1 is the best SP experience there is for me and you ruined it in BC2 by mimicking CoD and their outdated linear hand holding crap they call single player. i expected BC2 to be epic and build on and improve on the first, yet i played a few levels and put MP on, never to go back. BTW i played BC1 SP through about 5 times because there is not much else like it and loved every minute.

the target audience you are after doesn't care about quality, they care about hype. they go to see transformers at the movies and think it is a good movie.

bad company 1 and 2 is already a better MP experience than CoD with destruction and vehicles, but still most CoD players havent even heard of it.

nothing to do with quality. CoD sell a bucket load because of 1 sniper level. you need to replicate the hype