Braben: 'Kinect Shovelware Should Fail'

Kinectimals creator David Braben has today stated that "second-rate" Kinect shovelware should be doomed to fail in the marketplace.

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Smootherkuzz3287d ago

There has been good titles and some not so good, but to weed out may not be good due to the early birth of Kinect,the not so good need time to grow into something better.I have the expected me too games and its up to the gamers to weed them out.I have found that some of the me too titles are not so bad including price wise.air hockey sucks big time but house shoes is fun etc. and thats going to be the trend for awhile until Kinect has the time to grow which seems to be on a fast pace so it will not be long for better titles to appear.

deadreckoning6663287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Whats shovelware and what isn't shovelware is subjective. Most of the people on N4G would likely consider Kinectimals to be shovelware, but I have two 5 year old cousins that say otherwise.
What I don't understand is why people here judge Kinect family games so harshly when these games aren't even intended for them in the first place.

Its like an adult being forced to go to a 3 year old kid's birthday party and complaining because the color of the pokadots on the clown's suit don't appeal to him.

@fastrez- I'm not the intended audience for that I can't judge.

"Like how reviewers underscored GT5 because they were not the intended audience right?"

Don't know where that came from...or how that relates to my argument, but ill entertain you. No one here can PROVE which reviewers were(or weren't) the intended audience for GT5. However, you have to keep in mind that games that are TRULY amazing can easily manage to TRANSCEND audiences. So whether driving simulators appeal to a person or not, if its THAT good...ANY adult gamer can enjoy it on some level.

fastrez3287d ago

True, but I think we all know what kind of games he's referring to right?


Godmars2903287d ago

best examples of shovelware are games based on movies, exercise games and "carnival" titles which just a collection mini-games. All having a level of difficulty that's low to non-existent. Something that could be hobbled together and shoved out the door within months where games are suppose to take years.

zootang3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I get you dead. Like how reviewers underscored GT5 because they were not the intended audience right?

Perjoss3287d ago

sadly the only thing that really springs to mind when i see this guys name is:

hurry up and get on with Elite 4.

Parapraxis3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I think zootang got it from :
"What I don't understand is why people here judge Kinect family games so harshly when these games aren't even intended for them in the first place. " know, since it IS what you said.

zootang was simply pointing out how much of a hypocrite you are, as you defended low scoring GT5 reviews as if your life depended on it. But now, here you are saying Kinect games should be judged with the intended audience in mind.

That should clear it up for ya...champ.

HolyOrangeCows3286d ago

"Kinectimals creator David Braben has today stated"


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darthv723287d ago

that is the key word in the title. Whether or not it does is dependent on the users. I will say though, there are many titles on the wii that have been labeled as such and have been quite fun and enjoyable.

Perhaps that label is handed out a bit to quickly. Its understandable that there are games that WONT appeal to some. To brand all of them under the same label is childish. We are gamers after all...not grade schoolers.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3287d ago

No offense but it all the current games for kinect look like they're shovelware. It's surprising that core gamers would even consider buy a one of these for their setup.

R2D23287d ago

Now log onto your Troll Police account and leave a negative comment.

kneelb4zod3286d ago

Nah, all of kinect and some move games look like they should be place on psn and xbl .

Moerdigan3287d ago

shouldn't shovelware fail all the time, ideally.

Parapraxis3286d ago

Yes ideally, but there is a reason it doesn't.
Because it's what casuals (think they) want.

Thus it's shovelled out and people buy it.

Feckles3287d ago

Surely Microsoft would have quality control over what's released for Kinect and therefore there would be no shovelware.

Oh, right.

Simco8763287d ago

Don't matter what system is out there has always been shovelware all the way back since NES!

But that is what casual is all about... Shovelware

Active Reload3287d ago

Maybe...but I can not tell what MS is going to do with Kinect honestly. If they make it an open platform like the iPhone or whatever, then its probably going to be prone to shovelware. But if they close it off similar to how Live is facilitated, then there is less chance of shovelware.

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The story is too old to be commented.