What has Pachter Been Smoking

Michael Pachter has made some outright stupid industry statements. Many of his "predictions" never ever come true. Some do, but does he deserve anymore credibility for this? No, because not only do they come true once in a blue moon but he has often had people question if he knows anything about the games industry at all. And what I read last night practically shows he knows nothing.

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deadreckoning6663288d ago

The man probably gets paid more than 100% of the members on N4G to simply state his random thoughts. Whatever he's smoking...I want some.

zootang3288d ago

Wayne Rooney get paid £250,000 a week for kicking a ball, what's your point?

MAJ0R3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

lol and I guess it takes no skill or practice at all to kick the ball? give me a break, a caveman can do what pachter does

zootang3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

My point being I wouldn't want his managerial advice! I should have explained myself more. Patcher gets paid to analyse not predict.

He isn't worth his money and just because he gets paid good money doesn't mean he should be allowed a free pass to say what ever he likes. Wazza gets paid £250,000 a week but no one would listen to his managerial advice because that's not what he does.

I love Wazza and football is one of those games you have to have talent and grow up with the ball or like Phil Neville work your socks off. I appreciate that.

Also would you listen to Wayne about Marital advice?

Game-ur3288d ago

Any of us can make come up with better predictions than Patcher, but I doubt we can kick a ball as well as Rooney.

Perjoss3288d ago

"a caveman can do what pachter does"

I would LOVE for that nickname to stick to Patcher,

N4G headline:
Micheal 'caveman' Patcher predicts people will buy and play video games in 2011

R0me3288d ago

The first step to stop Patcher is banning him from N4G and other sites. If he loses all the attention for his dumb projections he would disapear.

Shadow Flare3288d ago

I hate pachter but one of his recent "predictions" really takes the biscuit as far as crappy predictions go. He predicted that Gran Turismo 5 would release in mid-December. Ok:

1) it didnt, it released in november so once again he's talking out of his <insert expletive>

2) as if Sony would release GT5, their BIGGEST selling game, in the middle of December, missing HALF of the busiest shopping period of the year, missing black Friday, and essentially launching when most people already have bought their presents. MID-DECEMER???? that leaves ONE WEEK till Christmas. Brilliant prediction you dumb <insert expletive>.

It actually makes me angry that he has the job he does, and still has the job. That last prediction was not just wrong, but so blatantly stupid that a <insert expletive>ing braindead paraplegic ape could make smarter predictions then him. Seriously, anybody, absolutely anyone on n4g can make better predictions then that braindead ape. He either states the complete obvious, or makes predictions that are simply dumber then a retard in a coma could pull out of his paralysed arse

Scotland-The-Brave3288d ago

"simply dumber then a retard in a coma could pull out of his paralysed arse" haha that was fu**ing hilarious bubs man.

Dramscus3288d ago

Thats it. I'm starting a Game industry prediction blog and twitter account.
Many things I predict actually come true. More often than mr. p anyway.

blackbeld3288d ago

I Think Pachter smoke whatever it is through his @ss.

Thats why he makes such ridiculous predictions.

sdtarm3288d ago

why did this article took so much time to come?? :P

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Marceles3288d ago

or what his boss is smoking

HolyOrangeCows3288d ago

LOL, good point.

Pachter must be smoking something, though. Not only is he wrong 99% of the time (And 0.05% of the time, he repeats a prediction until it comes true), but he contradicts himself; Remember when Pachter stated that Sony was holding out on Move supply to create a fake demand? And then a few days later, he claims that only 2 out of 4 million Moves had been sold. 2 million sitting around on shelves and in storage is creating a "false demand" then?

karl3288d ago

i want his job...

he probably takes his ideas out of n4g..

pice of cake

MAJ0R3288d ago

dude, ur comparing making blatantly obvious predictions about the gaming market to a skilled football player

that is all

goflyakite3288d ago

The article picture is amazing.

N4g_null3288d ago

He is wrong because he tries to influence the market rather than predict it and no he does make more that most high level producers in game development which actualy do post here for fun of course.

It's like when they said banks where going to fail and every one pulled their money out so the banks failed. Luckly this industry is not as predictable.

Mahr3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"pachterscallout.blogspot .com/"

As big of a hack as Pachter is, dedicating an entire blogspot to the subject seems to a bit much.

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aceitman3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

azzcrack at least someones azzcrack to say some of the shit he says . lol ,I dont know he has been really saying things off the wall lately.

Rowland3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

comments from this self obsessed piss-taking cretin are as interesting as a sackfull of Brussel sprouts after Christmas.

ct033288d ago

Right on. What is with this weird blog anyway?

PimpHandHappy3288d ago

If he has what im smoking i cant blame him for talking stupid... I cant pronounce words at times with this stuff