Molyneux: Kinect will spawn 'whole new genres'

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has predicted that Xbox Kinect will be the catalyst for all-new genres of gaming.

The designer intended to include Kinect support in Lionhead's Fable III - but Molyneux's team decided to remove the functionality.

But that doesn't mean the studio's given up on the device altogether - with Kinect-compatible DLC rumoured to be on the way.

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Theodore872873d ago

Wrong, the Wii already did that. I think it's the lag genres.

Bluemaster772873d ago

I concur , as times pases and even in this short time people have been coming up with amazing mods for Kinect Im excited to see what comes down the line

RankFTW2873d ago

Shitty on rail genres he meant to say.

kneelb4zod2873d ago

I'd say yes and no ,yes because the potential is there and the demos are cool,no because the hacks doesn't show anything new game play wise.