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SilverSlug2875d ago

Still playing Burnout Paradise.

saint_john_paul_ii2875d ago

Burnout Paradise is spellbinding game, its content is what makes you go back.

NFS: Hot Pursuit will be no different. Criteron has made a job well done, more than well done actually, amazing.

r1sh122875d ago

All in all its a great game, but I think 4 packs of DLC already is a little too many.
I think EA spoil these sorts of games by over producing DLC, I remember I saw so many DLC packs for the last one.
Why not just put all the cars into the game in the first place?
I understand its a business, but its a little unfair to expect everyone to pay for most of the DLC packs.

nix2875d ago

ah... geee.. i wonder why these cars weren't there in the first place. GT5 gave more than we needed and was blamed of putting in "extra cars".. but hey what do i know?

LiL T2875d ago

That kinda what I was thinking too. Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Hideo_Kojima2875d ago

EA GAMES: GT5 had too many free cars... they should have made them into 10 $10 DLC packages...

nix2875d ago

i think the new business trend is give access to the least content as you can when you launch and 'unlock' stage-wise as periodic DLC.

i think GT5 at least should have been applauded for giving us sooo much of content but man... everyone was bickering about how it looked and how it had 'too many' cars!

that's why i picked up GT5 instead of NFS... at least i know they were serious about making us happy. EA just wants our money. like literally. they announce DLCs as if they're doing some great favour to us or somethings. but hey.. what do i know?

jjohan352873d ago

EA is greedy as hell. Why not give more cars when you win various things in the game? Instead of offering them only with $$. Assholes. EA is no different than Activision, they demand money for any little thing.

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MaximusPrime2875d ago

i havent sold my burnout paradise purely because of "fun night" held by forumers on PS forums. it was great fun.

I got both GT5 and NFS HP. both a great game. I spent more time on GT5 and still at around 10%!. eek.

ian722874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I'm like you.
Still got Burnout Paradise, its a fantastic game with loads to do in it.
I got GT5 and NFS:HP, they are both great games and I play GT5 more. I'm level 13 on GT5 at moment, keep getting higher levels every day.
I don't agree with this DLC. It should have been on the disc, or free. EA seems to be loving taking our money on DLC this gen.

DirtyLary2875d ago

I'm not touching this till they add support for the logitech wheels.

I don't get it, the official wheel of the PS3 and there is no support.

monkpunk12875d ago

i completely agree, its stupid considering nfs shift has support! I was all set for buying this despite having GT5 alas no support no sale.

LiL T2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

So this game has standard and premium content but you you have to pay for the premium content. Intresting......

I do not have this game but is it like NFS SS, where you can unlock the premium cars later on in career mode?

StitchJones2875d ago

They are trying to make extra money on this way to quickly. They should have added this into the game out of the gate. Very greedy of them to be doing this. I'll pass just on general principal.

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