Darkstalkers 4, CVS3 "a ways off"

Euroigamer: "Fighting game fans hoping for new games in the Darkstalkers and Capcom vs. SNK series are in for a long wait, Capcom said.

Why? Time and resources, explained Capcom's US VP Christian Svensson on the Japanese company's forum.

"Right now we're focused on Street Fighter X Tekken, SSFIV: 3D Edition, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and maybe something else somewhere..." he said."

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OmegaWolf3296d ago

This saddens me. I understand MVC3 and Third Strike online getting top priority because fans have wanted these two games forever, however I don't really recall many people asking for a Street Fighter X Tekken. CVS3 should have been next in line, then Darkstalkers 4. These are games fans have demanded repeatedly for years and our cries still go unanswered. Step it up Capcom and make these games happen. Niitsuma will be freed up in Febuary let him do CVS3.

Cyrus3653296d ago

I think Capcom doesn't want to flood the market with fighters...A few releases here and there, as people get back into fighting genre again.