FIFA 08 Preview "PS3 version not as sharp and crisp as the Xbox 360 version, has anti-aliasing issues"

MyGEN go hands on with Fifa 08 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and walk away happy with the improvements implemented into the Fifa franchise since the last 3 Next-Gen appearances Fifa has made on the Xbox 360. They also note that the PS3 version seems to be a little rough around the edges

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toughNAME5621d ago

of all the multiplatform games...which ones look better on the PS3?

**that havent been delayed****

its a pretty short list, get used to similar articles

DeadIIIRed5621d ago

We should be getting ready for less of these articles. I'm not surprised it looks somewhat better considering it's from EA.

MarioFromTexas5621d ago

Did he say he couln't tell if it was the PS2 version or the PS3 version. Come on....this is getting out of hand. This guy is an idiot and the person who posted this is an idiot. How can crap like this be approve when Ign and gamespot stated that the game looked better on the PS3, slightly better but not noticeable enough. You xbots are in denial. Do you really beleave that the 360 is going to dominate? When? PS2 has been outselling the 360 for the last 2 years,2 YEARS!!!! That tells you that the 360 was rushed because the market wasn't calling for a nextgen at that time. SO in another 3 years M$ is going to release xbox720. Can't outsell last gen, can't outsell current generation...BAD MOVE by M$ and sells are starting to show it. Sony one way or another their getting a console in your house, wether it's the $129,$169 or the $500 it's money an expanding it's user base which is the most important thing in gaming

Lightning Mr Bubbles5621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

I have to agree this is pathetic. You can't tell the difference between the PS2 version and the PS3 version according to this guy...

We're talking about the same game here where he is claiming the XBOX 360 version is slightly crisper. It goes from that to suddenly you can't tell the difference between a PS3 and PS2 version?

What more proof do you need that this guy is an idiot?

I'll wait for reviews, but I really doubt it. But if this ended up being Madden 08 all over again, hell there's Konami's Pro Evolution 08.

EDIT: Only a buttf*cked XBOX 360 fan would disagree.

Chris_GTR15620d ago (Edited 5620d ago )

MarioFromTexas you just owned yourself there. you say that ps2 has better sales than the 360? what a dumbass. well did u know that the 360 HAS MORE SALES THAN PS3! seriously that was so stupid of you to say. also remember that the 360 cost almost 3 times more than a ps2. ps3 is almost 5x more than ps2. ps3 is newer and still getting outsold by 360 thats something you should be comparing and not the ps2 wich either way is still owning the ps3 even more so than the 360.
either way you are fkn retarded. 360 is winning the next gen race. and it still is, and halo is out in 20 more days so expect a sudden sale of over 500,000 360 console sales this month.

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Fisher3395621d ago

no more ea sports games for me, until they stop half-assing them

InMyOpinion5621d ago

For the most part it's EA Sports that mess up their games (NFS Team also). I think that both Skate and MOH: Airborne seem like great titles. NFS: Pro Street might be fun too, if they don't f#ck up the framerate as usual...

sak5005621d ago

Princetab- "EA
'nuff said"

Ps3 multiplatform 'nuff said

Bloodmask5621d ago

the XBOX 360 version is more crisp version of the two. It has a by far more advanced GPU utilizing a unified shader architecture. Not to mention that anti-aliasing is no strain on the processor with 10 mgs of embedded ram on the GPU.

Douchebaggery5621d ago

The PS3's lopsided architecture and lack of video ram clearly makes it a inferior machine

hail the x360

hazeblaze5621d ago

#1- This is coming from a frickin 360 website
#2- This was debunked 2 weeks ago when the game was shown at GC and reported that it looks the same on both consoles
#3- The PS3 actually has the more advanced GPU, the 360 only has a unified shader and must do all the work by itself unlike the RSX which can also utilize the memory and power available to the spu's

So get your facts straight, fanboys suck.

macsto5621d ago

For the last time, this is a MULTI-PLATFORM WEBSITE. NOT AN XBOX 360 WEBSITE. Sony fanboys need to stop having a hissy fit and accept the truth.

SabreMan5621d ago

you clearly have no clue, i suggest research before posting such comments

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paracardium5621d ago

please 360 is clearly inferior and the more you xbots realize this the better off we'll be.

cuco335621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

i would love to see it, because as it stands majority of multiplatform titles all seem to look better on 360. so what was sony tooting their horn about 'play beyond' and 'next gen starts when we say it does'? seems like the inferior system is the one with the "crappy ports"

tis sad but true

to below: i'm no fanboy. i do only own a 360wiiPC combo and do plan to pick up a ps3. it shocks the crap out of me that a sport europe loves isn't better on a console that europe loves. one would think sony would at least make this title a 360 port rather than the other way around. note that your mentioning of the system being launched a year later was really caused by the delay of about a year for launch.
so as i was saying, play beyond?!

Ri0tSquad5621d ago

The xbox 360 came out on November 22nd 2005 and years before that developers got there hands on developer tools and started developing games on the 360. XBox 360 is easy to develope for and the dev tools aloud them to take a full advantage of what the system could do. The Playstation 3 launches about a year later and many developers have a difficult time trying to develope for the system because of its architecture which was way different basically new crap unlike the 360's architecture which is similar to a PCs I guess. Thats probaly part of the reason for the delays. I really don't need to explain a whole lot just look at the games the ps3 hasn't even been out for a year and devs don't even have nearly as much experience with the ps3 as much as they did with the 360 and there games (more 1st party some 3rd) are looking better then the XBox 360s games/versions LOOK just some. Some look inferior and to really compare them is really unfair its like comparing madden 2001 on the ps2 to madden 2008 on the ps2 of course 2008 is going to look better because of the experience they have had with the system over time. Its not that difficult to understand but if your a fanboy in your case well then thats another story.

InMyOpinion5621d ago

It's kinda hard for me to "realize" when the games that are on the 360 look better. I thought Lair would show some of that "can't be done on the 360" power, but how wrong was I to be. Poor textures, some kind of dark filter that hides details and a framerate from hell, it looks like crap.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5621d ago

"I hate EA" (and UBI, Activision, Capcom, id, Epic, and 2K)
"EA is MS's b!tch"
"EA=Peter Moore"
"Just Wait"
"Just wait till 08"
"just wait till 09"
"Lazy devs"
"ring of death"
"EA sucks"
"EA can't make good games" (Battlefild, most sports titles, Burnout, The Sims and upcomming Crysis and Army of Two)
"f**k EA"
"f**k Peter Moore"
"f**k MS"

Ri0tSquad5621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

The EA devs were even considered lazy with Medal of Honor** Airborne on your precious Xbox 360 you will most likely defend within a heartbeat please stop bashing you only make your self look that much dumber then you probaly already are.

razer5621d ago

Metal of Honor Airborne, not Call of Duty.. If you are going to accuse people of looking "dumb" you better have your own post straight. =)

But I do agree with you, EA seems to take a lot of shortcuts and appear to me more worried about pumping games out than spending the time to make the actual games shine on their respective consoles.

xboxrumble5621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

everything on there was either whined upon by BS3 B#$%h boys or disowned in some way or fashion...while they never accepted the BS3's architectures has been BS up till now.

I've never so much whiners....when in fact its has to do wiht the BS3's hardware not the devs, especially when certain devs get more support from Sony.

@Jason xg1 you forgot: "I'll just get it for my PC, anyways"....

InMyOpinion5621d ago

You almost captured the entire vocabulary of a Sony fanboy in that list lol!

sak5005621d ago

LOL nice list. But who can blame these droids who follow their masters.

4d graphics
BD = next gen requirment
2x hdmi = dual screen gaming
100 usb ports
pwn 360 games from day 1
massive damage
based on real japanese wars = here comes a giant crab
GT / MGS for year one release
ps3 backward chip for 100% gaming (now gone??)
rumble old gen
6axis revolutionary controller = shake and twist (wii anyone)
5million to be sold w/o games
200 games by march 08
cell+rsx = pixar / Indutrial light magic quality
With ps3 who needs PC
xbox 360 = xbox 1.5
ps3 10x 360 power
devs are learning with new tools
games will show quality 4-5 years down the road
phew..for the rest pls visit the tribute site for ken

gerrard5620d ago

your boring me shut the f**K up and W**k over your 360

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