Go! Gaming Giant: Funky Lab Rat Review

From the description:

"A rat’s life is never easy. And for this rat, life is one big series of complex and deadly puzzles. In Funky Lab Rat, you take control of Diego, a rat who—thanks to a freak accident—has the ability to freeze and rewind time. Armed with his newfound time manipulation powers and a handy dandy flashlight, Diego must work his way through a number of puzzle rooms in order to escape from the laboratory. His powers are limited, however, so it’s going to take a lot of careful planning and trial-and-error tactics to work your way through each area."

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omicron0093287d ago

physics games are always fun, looks like a cool little game.

RaymondM3286d ago

eh, i think i've been spoiled by little big planet, cause this just looks like a straight rip off of that game. it doesn't look to impressive either, but an 8 still is a more than decent score, so i'm just judging too early