Gran Turismo 5 vs. F1 2010 Video Comparison

A new video compares Gran Turismo 5 to F1 2010. Which game has better graphics?

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FishCake9T44435d ago

Agree, both are awesome games.

Dirk Benedict4435d ago

maybe so, but this comparison has me reeling in laughter.

imvix4435d ago

F1 2010 with DX11 effects is amazing.

toaster4435d ago

I swear F1 doesn't look even half as good GRID sometimes. Hopefully Codemasters develops GRID2 from the ground up using DX11 and make full use of tessellation.

sunnygrg4435d ago

Its not even a high quality video.

Also note that in the comparison, F1 2010 is direct feed while GT5 is captured with a cam.

hay4435d ago

@sunnygrg: Actually it's sub85 who failed. The original video is about comparing the track implementation not visuals.
sub85 "made it" graphical comparison in his quite effective but lame attempt to generate heat.

Heartnet4435d ago

is gt5 off cam whilst f12010 is direct? lol :)

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hennessey864435d ago

is a great game in its own right and comparing them is unfair. to me they are totally different games but i will say f1s backgrounds are better but gt5 is better everywhere else.

Kaneda4435d ago

The lighting is almost perfect in GT5 especially when driver is getting out the long tunnel. F1 2010 is just normal...

ForzaGT4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

to be fair the F1 2010 footage looks more like direct feed than the GT5

GT5 will rip apart F1 at 1080p on a PS3

FishCake9T44435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Not really. GT5 doesnt have no where near the complexity of F1 2010 when it comes to F1 racing.
F1 2010 has:
All teams in F1
All drivers in F1
All tracks in F1 with dynamic weather on each
The ability to total your car
3 practice sessions
3 qualifying sessions
The ability to change your wing angle and engine mapping.
The ability to damage your wing
The ability to puncture your tyres
Press confrences and Interviews
The ability to be a number 1 driver or number 2
Research and Development throughout the season.
F1 2010 is a much better game when it comes down to F1, ForzaGT.

honkytonky4435d ago

but the point of the video is to compare the graphics and thats impossible with this shitty unsharp off screen video imho

ForzaGT4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

F1 2010 - like name say is a F1 game meaning all the resource were used to make it a complete F1 experience

whereas as GT5 on the other hand concentrates on the Racing simulator as a whole(karts, nascars, WRC and many more), totally irrevelent to what F1 2010 looks to achieve

as a game they are both good but visually GT5 is better than F1 2010- the point of this article

StoneyYoshi4435d ago

"GT5 doesnt have no where near the complexity of F1 2010 when it comes to F1 racing. "

I would hope so. Thats what that game is about. It's still neat that GT5 added formula 1 racing to it.

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rrw4435d ago

Is this even fair comparison if it using Cam?

ct034435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Both are recorded off-screen, but not on the same display. The high-res monitor looks more pleasing here, where the HDTV overcontrasts.

For a reasonable comparison he should have played both games on the same screen. And ideally, they should be direct feed of course.

TheObserver4435d ago

Using youtube 360p to make graphics comparison...

hennessey864435d ago

and i think f1s background detail is better gut gt5 wins everything else, just my opinion

lordkemp0074435d ago

My hero Senna won five F1 victories in a row on this track from 89 to 93. He won at Monaco 6 times in total. Graham Hill 5 times during the sixties. Senna's other win was 87.

hennessey864435d ago

but what does he have to do with this?????

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