Far Cry 2 Leipzig video

I think Far Cry 2 will be one heck of a sandbox FPS. The trailer below, shown at Leipzig, showcases close to 13 minutes of an alpha build of the game. New proprietary engine, 50 square-kilometer island, sandbox gameplay, 60 medical-related animations, flamethrower, 14 different vehicles, full 24 hour day/night cycle, dynamic weather (wind affects fire), insane glider visuals and feisty AI seemingly only tops the list of awesome things in Far Cry 2. Don't waste anymore time and watch the video.

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Premonition4060d ago

Just wow, now i might be the only one but this is what next gen games should look like and play like, this game looks amazing.

ShiftyLookingCow4060d ago

now thats a real flamethrower

RedSeven4060d ago

Part of that looks like a real life safari adventure.

Takumi864060d ago

Just Another Crysis clone

i pick Far Cry 2

Crysis the main character with the superman ablity the games look boring whats there to play?

Farcry is 4 me more realistic

Stinkey4060d ago

improvement over the last game on the 360. This can be comparable to Cysis in some ways. I like what their doing with this game

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