The Top 7 Keeper and Throwaway Items in Call of Duty: Black Ops Online

Andrew Cretella writes: "Call of Duty: Black Ops online is overloaded with weapons and equipment, far more than any one player can use at a given time. Contracts and challenges provide incentives to use all of them, but eventually people will either complete the challenges, stop caring, or render them irrelevant by reaching high levels. What items will Black Ops players still be using once that happens, and which ones will fade into disuse?"

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retrofly2925d ago

Written like is was by a 12 year old playing Call of duty for the first time.

zireno2925d ago

The same can be said about your grammar :) .

Look_Behind2925d ago

But the guy is correct in so many ways. He says that UAVs are better than you think, which they are. Rockets are better than pistols and Ghost is invaluable compared to the other first perks.
He knows how to play the game tactically and help his team rather than some 12 year old who runs around headless trying to get kills using things like RC cars, which are rubbish compared to UAV. But that doesn't seem immediately true to some people because RC cars give you kills directly but UAVs help the team allot more in general.

GhettoBlasStarr2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Tactical?? You guys take this game to seriously. Why do you think you can put down someone just because you think your some tactical soldier. People play differently, everyone is not you.
I like to play my video games for fun. I don't like sitting in a corner hiding in a bush waiting for someone to shoot in the back. Or hide on top of the tallest building. That doesn't prove you skills in the game to me. Skills is going 30-1 in Free-4-All without camping, going from one side of the map to the other and back again... Now that takes Skill!!! Not on Nuketown either.

ulath6662925d ago

Throw away Steady aim? How about NO?
Best perk for an SMG class. Also PRO version makes ADS faster...

RadicalDreamer2925d ago

No, that's Sleight of Hand Pro. Steady Aim Pro makes you recover from sprinting faster.

JeffGUNZ2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Still, steady hand is the most important perk in this game. You try and come around the same corner I am and you try to look down the sites at me while I steady aim you with the AK74U. Then, tell me it's useless.

Simco8762925d ago


When your that close around a corner, it doesn't even matter if you have steady aim dude. Just spray and pray, and you got the kill. I never used steady aim at all and I still get plenty of "no scope" kills with assault rifles

Dave13512925d ago

Ghost is my favorite perk. with ghost pro its so easy to shoot stuff down with the Strela-3

SillyBastid2925d ago

absolutely ridiculous article... fails to even mention that certain perks or weapons will be more valuable in hardcore.

He says 'Last Stand' is useless because of the pistol; actually its quite useful in hardcore mode

Slashbee2925d ago

Do you really think the article writer has ever played a round of hardcore before?

AssassinHD2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I think there are better choices for Perk 3 than Last Stand honestly. It is pretty much a reflex for me to shoot down when I drop someone.

I can see how it might be useful in Hardcore mode, but if someone has trained themselves to shoot down when you drop then all it really does is give you false hope.

I must say though that I have use it before, and the Pro version did save me a few times, and consequently my killstreak. That is of course when I could get a teammate to revive me, which usually only happens when I am in a party with friends.

peeps2925d ago

Will ninja is a better counter if your playing against players with headsets/using a headset urself.

and i totally agree with the strela-3. always use this cus theres nothing more satisfying than shooting down a chopper gunner after they're only got 1-2 kills.

in the article it says its not really a counter to the gunner/apache but it really is, you just need to be a bit more cautious but in general the maps aren't as bad for spawn killing with the gunner compared to mw2 + with the new patch people shouldn't appear as red markers until after a spawn period

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