3DS preorders start December 26th.

A few days ago an anonymous reader left this comment:

“…me and a few other employees around the country from GameStop got a visit from our district managers today or received an email, but 3DS reserves WILL be held on the 26th of this month, we will publicly be able to speak about this on the 16th to customers.”

But I didn’t want to report on anything until I had a second source. That second source just came in.

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toaster2875d ago

Cannot wait!!! D: The suspense is killing me. I'm definitely not a fan of 3D but I just want games to use that damn analog stick.

firefoxprime2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Awesome. But I'd perfer to know the actual price while i'm slapping down 30 bucks.

Edit: Fine. :P

wwm0nkey2875d ago

You actually need to put $50 down for this one :D

N4g_null2875d ago

You can buy it first day and sell it for 400% profit. It will pay for it self. If you don't game.

firefoxprime2874d ago

Hehe...slow down there buddy. "When" I get my 3DS, I will definetly be playing games.

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