Jonah Lomu to appear and help develop 'Rugby Challenge'

The legendary Jonah Lomu will make his first appearance in a videogame in over a decade, thanks to Home Entertainment Suppliers who today announced their 2011 Rugby Challenge for console and PC.

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PidgeottosCrew3286d ago

Man is a legend. Too bad there hasn't been a good Rugby games since Lomu rugby.

lordkemp0073286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I agree the man is a legend. He lit up the World Cup in 95.
6 foot 5, 20 stone and could run the 100 metres in about 10.5 secs. Incredible.

My cousin plays international rugby for Scotland. He did a semi naked photo shoot last year for charity. It is a calendar. His modesty was hidden behind a well placed rugby ball.

He said i should do the same calendar. Except i should use a ping pong ball or a marble to hide my modesty.

Cheeky sod! (Dieux du Stade is the calendar my cousin appears in)