The first Battlefield: Bad Company 2: vietnam gameplay is on the internet

PS3Life Writes: A few weeks left and then we can go and play the vietnam DLC from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But till then we have five gameplay video's that you must watch. If you see this you want the DLC right now.

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ExPresident3294d ago

Looks very cool. I just picked up BFBC2 on Friday for the PS3 (Been playing MAG since BETA) and I'm loving it. Looking forward to this DLC.

Shackdaddy8363294d ago

Why did ppl disagree? lol.

ExPresident3294d ago

Cause they are idiots. Had I stated a fact and it was not correct I could completely understand disagree's, but state your opinion around here and o.m.g.

DirtyLary3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

MAG was great, had a great run.

Looking forward to Socom 4.

Here are some real gameplay videos.


DoomeDx3294d ago

People love to disagree with comments without opinions!

They should rename the ''Agree or Disagree'' system, with a ''I like or Do not like this comment''

Dark-Cloud3293d ago

people now disagree with facts , like when you say xbox360 and kinect don't have good games next year they disagree , it's a fact , i don't see good games for the xbox360 , only gears 3 and forza 4 which is not as good as ps3 games ... can you name other good exclusivee game for xbox360 ? ..

visualb3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

hey this site stole the video from game trailers

plagiarism is promoted on N4G....

@ ExPres.

people who disagree'd either: COD fanboys, they have :BF:BC2 for being better OR

360 fanboys for you mentioning MAG, because to them, its not fair to have relatively successful shooter with 256 people online matches for free

either way, ignore the damn disagree's, they don't mean sh*t

MGRogue20173293d ago

People disagreed with you because they don't care about you picking up the game & loving it. :)

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Bobby Kotex3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Here's where the videos were stolen, if you don't want to go to some dumb google translate blog:

Just scroll down to the 'newest' section.

christheredhead3294d ago

i watched the videos on google translate but i kept thinking to myself that i had already seen and watched them somewhere else. i just couldnt remember till now. i should have known it was nothing "new"

RedDead3293d ago

Noticed straight away from the video player haha

OC_MurphysLaw3293d ago

thanks for the link...

and man that looks good. diggin the flame thrower but fear it may be a bit overpowered

Big_Dom3293d ago

Talk about slow. I watched these videos a couple of days ago. News for gamers my arse. Lasts weeks news for gamers more like.

electricshadow3293d ago

What an ignorant comment. You don't like N4G, don't use it, simple. Way to complain about something so stupid.

Big_Dom3293d ago

I'll correct you: It would be ignorant for me just to accept the sloppy way in which this site operates. It claims to be news, but if it isn't GT5, Halo, Kill Zone, Call of Duty et al, then it's relegated to junk articles that don't appear on this site for at least a few days, and even then it gets buried under the mire of rubbish opinions and such. There are the odd scraps of stuff that I find on here, but that's the only reason why I use the site.

spektical3293d ago

sick stuff.

Oasis is too much good stuff, a lot more than in BC1, i think its due to the UAV and fact that everyone uses recon and engineers on this map. xD favorite map now.

harvest day is also amazing, cant wait for this!


The first gameplay was on youtube like 2 months ago look at this!! Silly german site!