What is Indie?

Resolution's Leena Van Deventer writes: I love when you’re hanging around minding your own business and out of nowhere you’re ambushed by an interesting discussion that insists you poke and prod at it until you’ve sufficiently explored every nook and cranny it’s got. I had such an ambush today, when I asked my twitter brethren what their favourite indie game of 2010 was. A few game titles were thrown in the ring before debate quickly turned to semantical definition of the term ‘indie’. What is an indie game? What are The Rules™ when applying this monicker? Some interesting points came to light, some people finding it quite easy to apply a definition and a set of attributes a game must or must not have in order to call itself an independent game. Some acknowledged varying shades of grey in the interpretation. I personally go from moments of clarity to utter confusion. Usually followed by despair, exasperation and some sort of delicious biscuit.

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Kran3290d ago

This is how... to be indie....


pcz3290d ago

A polite way to describe a crap game

imvix3290d ago

I guess you never played games like:

Torch light
world of goo

toaster3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Trackmania Nations
Super Meat Boy

Yeah those games sure are crap alright. /S

I actually feel sorry for you pcz. It sucks having to buy just the games that all your buddies play. Must be nice bending over every year for "ZOMG COD!!". You must hold the deepthroat championship because you're taking cockjuice like a champ. I'm sorry but I like to enjoy many genres of games and good luck finding ANYTHING as creative and imaginative as an indie title in the mainstream market.

pcz3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


you can replace the word 'indie' with 'crap.' indie games are a league separate from real games because they all have one thing in common- they are crap.

only geeks and people who dont know better play indie (crap) games.

world of goo is good for a crap game. its a good crap game. but its still crap when compared to real games... like legend of zelda :)

ChickeyCantor3290d ago

And yet "crap" games are more innovative than most high budget games.

Please don't use the word "real" it makes you sound retarded.

pcz3290d ago

Indie games aren't real games. They are amateur games made by amateur developers to entertain people who don't know any better. I'm glad i haven't been duped into playing those crap games, i'm smarter than that.

The only reason people like you buy them and say they are innovative is to appear cool, a bit like the sort of people who only listen to musicians who aren't well known. But in the case of indie games, its an unknown musician who is also crap.

ChickeyCantor3290d ago

Well aren't you full of yourself.
No way do i sound cool when i say they are innovative.
Infact most Highbudget games DERIVE from such concepts INDIES develop.

You're either just trolling or just really sad.

pcz3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

LMAO You are right, you don't sound cool, but you want to belong to an exclusive small group of people who have played these crap games.

High budget games are high budget because the vision they have costs a lot of money to bring to life. Indie games are NOT innovative in any shape or form.

Why is an indie game innovative just because it is low budget? Its not, when the NES and Mastered System were around, ALL the games would have been made to that standard. So having those rubbish, small vision games around in 2010 hiding behind an 'indie' tag does not make them innovative.

Heck, if innovation was making a game on a tiny budget and with little to no artistic flair, then why on earth did we even go further than the SNES technology?

The vast majority of gamers enjoy real games, like GT5, RE4, Mario Galaxy. These crap games like world of goo are just a half time distraction in between real gaming. I guarantee indie developers make all their sells when there are no major games releases. Real games releases.

Dont call me a troll just because you disagree with me. I am right.

Thank me later :)

ChickeyCantor3290d ago

"The vast majority of gamers enjoy real games, like GT5, RE4, Mario Galaxy. These crap games "

You're an idiot.

I didn't even read your whole post. Its not worth it.
That one thing was enough to show how idiotic you really are.

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VonAlbrecht3290d ago

I dunno, but if you're not it. then fuck you. -punch-

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