Microsoft: 360 MMO could happen with microtransactions

An MMO for the Xbox 360 might be possible were it to take on a microtransaction payment model, rather than a subscription-based plan, Microsoft have said.

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ChronoJoe3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

MT mmos suck though lol so that's great. I don't want the guy with the most money irl, kicking my ass in game because of it, to be honest. :s

ddelella3296d ago

The problem is not the subscription. It is the subscription on top of the rising XBL Gold membership prices the Xbox user have to pay. Phantasy Star Universe was a pretty good MMO on the 360, still going in fact while all other servers were shut down for PC and PS, the only problem was the extra $10 a month and Sega's horrible networking problems. The game was a bad design but with todays development they just need to strike a deal with MS to host the servers or just bite the bullet and not charge. Activision doesn't charge users for COD yet they host a ton of servers. I do not see why this model is very hard or how it differs from a FPS not charging yet hosting their own stuff. If they did this they would have not problem finding a home on the console.

ChronoJoe3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Only servers for COD games are for matchmaking and stat tracking. This doesn't compare to the amount of resources required to run an MMO.

Mystogan3295d ago

So Champions Online and Guild Wars 2 shouldn't have any problem to get on Xbox 360.

ChronoJoe3295d ago

More likely to see GW2 on PS3. They have a contract for 2 more games on Sony's platform. 2 or 3, I forget. Not much seems to have came out of the deal so far...