Latest Japanese Hardware Chart, Wii Falls to New Low

But it's still selling more than twice as fast as PS3. It looks like Nintendo was not lieing when they said they were diverting Wii's from Japan to North America. DS also slips below the 100k mark for the first time in a year. PSP sales have also dropped significantly since last week while PS3 sales are up slightly.

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nasim4150d ago

PS3 18,068

PS2 14,280

Xbox360 1,635

lol at x360

x360 is officially dead in JAPAN

dicegame4150d ago

PSP ahead of PS3? Is this normal? :P

cooke154150d ago

yeah its a weekly occurance.. it used to be PS2 and PSP ahead of ps3

sonarus4150d ago

ps3 has been ahead of ps2 since hot shot golf hit. What a huge decline for hardware sales in general. PS3 had two titles in the the titles so that explains the increase. Xbox360 really needs A HUGE jump start to get some life back into it again. Wii must be suffering some supply issues or maybe it really was a fad after all and Japan is the first to catch on because they have been steadily declining in sales for a while

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The story is too old to be commented.