Microsoft: Kinect unlikely to get own peripherals

Kinect is unlikely to get any of its own peripherals, according to Microsoft’s Xbox manager for UK & Ireland Neil Thompson.

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fredfenster2900d ago

I'm pretty sure it will get peripherals. I actually think it's in need of a controller that can be held in one hand (yes, like Wii en Move) to meet needs for hardcore gamers.

NewZealander2900d ago

a navigation control would be an awesome idea, plastic steering wheels and thank you.

i have to admit kinect is pretty fun, a couple of my friends have it now, dance central is a blast, kinect sports is a great time waster too, im going to have to pick it up after xmas.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


That would jack up the total price to about $200($50 minimum for 3rd party controller) and that's just f**king ridiculous. Also the fact that kinect wasn't designed to work with a Move/Wii like controller no doubt it wouldn't preform well and tarnish overall gameplay....risky move as it is.

But if they decided go ahead with something similar then it would be viewed as the current Kinect tech is incomplete, lacking or defective to where you would need to add something extra to the mix. No MS should stick to the original plan and wait for people to adjust.

Good luck MS.

norman292900d ago

Wouldnt a nav CONTROLLER just defeat the entire purpose of what Kinect is? a controller free device?

"Kinect for the XBox 360 out now, you are the controller, oh wait yeah you just have to pop this nav controller in your hand there, oh there we go now you are the controller :)"

MikeMichaels2900d ago

It needs it, but they'll have some patent hoops to jump through.

fredfenster2900d ago


There've been talks on combining Kinect and (regular) controller gameplay for games even before Kinect launch. It won't be too difficult to simplify the current controller to one fit for navigating single handedly.

As for the pricing, I don't suppose Kinect will stay 150 USD forever. It's supposed to prolong the 360's lifespan with multiple years. And if MS can squeeze a few extra bucks with some navigator, they won't mind. Neither will the gamer.

And of course MS won't be bringing up stuff on extra peripharels right now, that would indeed be dumb marketing, as it'd be explained that Kinect doesn't live up to the promise of you being the controller. However, after six months or so, that won't be an issue anymore.

fredfenster2900d ago

I'm gonna pick it up one of these weeks as well.

femshep2900d ago

it should at least have a gun peripheral so you can make shooters and the call of duty players will be involved too

Dnied2900d ago

Honestly if they want to make it appeal to the core games they should just stick with what they originally said and use the xbox controller but have kinect there for things like head tracking, hand signals, voice commands etc rather than relying on the technology to effect say gun accuracy for example

combining the 2 I'm sure SOMEONE will think of something

mcstorm2900d ago

I don't think MS will release a add on for kinect they will just use the controller for it but I do see a 3rd party company making a nunchuck type of controller for kinect to play games stood up but I think we will see alot of core games that use head tracking or holding the controller up and moving it from left to right abit like you do with the ds3 on kz2 ect. Kinect will not be the main controller for core games will just add to the experiance.

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The story is too old to be commented.