Pachter - Nintendo missed an opportunity with Wii, 3DS to be revolutionary, Apple to copy

"By the time Nintendo figures out its future console, it will be too far behind in online multiplayer to capture more share from its competitors, and it may see its share erode if Kinect and Move cause Wii owners to upgrade." - Pachter

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laaakokaracha2878d ago

Yeah right...his analytic skills reflect his gaming skills...

nix2878d ago

patcher is Captain Obvious!

Mr Exclusive2878d ago

10bucks says you have never watched an episode of Pach-Attack.

Don't say you have, because you haven't. If you watch the show you will realize the guy isn't hatable and is a very nice guy.

nix2878d ago

only 10 bucks? should have bet 1000 bucks... you would have easily won.

who's hating him... he just says what is going to be the trend and 'predicts' them. it's just that 90% of the time he's wrong.

anh_duong2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

pachter, a gaming expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today

Shadow Flare2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

And gran turismo 5 released in mid December just as pachter predicted. Not.

captain-obvious2878d ago

@ nix

im not patcher
im offended :\

NecrumSlavery2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Pachter is apparently Mr Exclusive, or Mr Exclusive is Pachter's Fan Club President.

Michael Pachter is rediculous. Can anyone name one thing he said that actually suprosed anyone when it was right. I mena other than his obvious "The sky is blue" reports. But did he ever claim some no one thought was going to happen that actually did?

nix2878d ago

lol.. captain obvious!

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rukia_chan2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

oh it's pachter troll again...

MAJ0R2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

would people seriously pay me if I made obvious predictions like this???

gamesaregood2878d ago

Dunno man but where do we sign up.

This idiot gets money and the only thing he can predict is if he is going to take a shit everyday, and even then he gets that wrong. lol

2878d ago
poopface12878d ago

3ds/psp2 is aiming for a completely different audience than the iphone.

People buy an Iphone for many other things with gaming pretty low on the list. they buy a few games that cost a couple dollars each. People who buy a handheld gaming device buy it for games primarily.

NoONE with a Ipad/Iphone is going to pay 30-40$ for a big budget game. They are different markets patcher you moron.

NOONE I know with an I phone is much into gaming on it, they buy tiny games like scrabble. there will never be a successful 30-40 dollar game on the Iphone, like there will be on 3ds/psp2.

N4g_null2878d ago

Ahhhh that's mean he is actually pretty smart. You guys still havnt caught on yet. He is the Sara palin of gaming.

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Millah2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

God this guy is an idiot sometimes. I highly doubt Apple will make a 3D iPod. Though they HAVE patents for glasses free 3D tech from way back in 2006, and this year patented glasses free 3D that can be viewed from any angle, which would be a huge improvement.

But it's doubtful they'd even do this anytime soon, and probably not in an iPod. The patents showed it being applied for desktops and other things.

this clown just says whatever thought passes through his mind, no matter how stupid or unintelligent it is. But the thing that annoys me the most with his statements, it's that he says them as if it's a matter of fact.

ChickeyCantor2878d ago

". I highly doubt Apple will make a 3D iPod."
Like they would never make a huge MP3 player?

O they will, o they F will.

Snakefist302878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Think abut the price of 3D iPod will be.

matey2878d ago

He's talking rubbish because the Wii didnt go HD and sort there Online to a more dedicated service hes crying about Nintendo had a missed oppotunity in what way without all these features the Wii is on top so maybe Nintendo want u to have more reasons to upgrade i mean yes the Wii can handle HD SDK 2.1 indicates this but Ninty dont want it end of and as 4 Online i think there building a structure 4 Wii2 that will make 360/PS3 look stupid as they have said Wii2 will be a mainstream console meaning building it with 3rd partys in mind like the 3DS so ill enjoy Goldeneye/Conduit2/Driver SF/DKCR/Zelda SS/ect untill Wii2 which will be backward compatible and also maybe upscale the older wii games in HD plus the 3DS will tighten up wii support because Ninty will persuade devs to make cross platform 3DS/Wii games any game on 3DS can be done on Wii so no excuses that wii cant do this ect as Nintendo will jump in and say anything on 3DS can be done on Wii so cant wait 4 3DS and wii games metioned but patcher saying people might upgrade to Kinect/Move is a joke its a downgrade look at the generic low reviewing games and as 4 Apple copying he has said this when 3DS was a rumour i think patcher wants a 3D iphone with crap 3D games what a tit.

ChickeyCantor2878d ago

You give me the idea you are not human but a robot who speaks in a monotone voice.


Can you compute?

kneelb4zod2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Your statement about them having a structure that kicks 360/ps3 butt is wishful thinking because they said "we would be buying an online service instead of making from the ground up.

Venox20082878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

if not Apple will copy 3DS, it will be something else :) everybody wants his slice of pie ;) but still I will buy 3DS, I am not regretting that I buyed DS instead of PSP and I think I will be happy with 3DS too, no matter what other tech will come! :) ..and patcher needs a 2.1 patch, maybe then he will talk true about Wii.. :) too many bugs in your head, patcher :)

pcz2878d ago

Why do people care what Patcher has to say? I don't think he has ever made a positive prediction about the wii. I think he is a ps3 owner

matey2878d ago

He is and same as all gamers with HD consoles he feels he has to always make out HD resolution is HD graphics when really most 360/ps3 games are made in 576p then upscaled 4 retail anyway its HDR/AA/MOTION BLUR/SHADERS that make Next-gen graphics and Wii's GPU supports all of these effects games like Darkside Chronicles/Monster Hunter 3/Silent Hill SM/Mario Galaxy 1-2/Kirbys Epic Yarn/Conduit2/MP3/SSBB/to name few all look amazing in 480p and side by side with HD games look almost HD anyway.

rjdofu2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

........... There you go, and some extras too: ,,,,,, !! Learn to use them.

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