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GameFocus: Don’t get me wrong, for those who have been playing GT games since the PS1, Gran Turismo 5 will make them shed tears of joy. It may even make them feel like marrying the Blu-Ray disk. The incredible amount of content packed in is certainly what makes this title a must-see and not because it revolutionizes the genre. Inconsistent visuals, lifeless environments, cluttered menus, frequent loading times, half-baked online realm, boring soundtrack...Gran Turismo 5 is the best example of banking on quantity rather than offering the much promised near-perfect quality, which is what many are expecting after six or so years of development. Once you’ve racked 150+ hours of gameplay, you will understand better why it took Kazunori Yamauchi that long.

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nix3292d ago

"The choice to not have it available right our of the box is questionable but I can see what Polyphony tried to accomplish: rewarding those who log an incredible amount of in-game hours."

nope.. i'm at level 16 and i just spent around 50k credit rebuilding my engine and body... now if you make people pay all that money that early... no one will be able to progress. they won't have good cars that run plus they won't have money to repair. THAT'S WHY!