No Gamecube controller for Wii Zelda

Bad news for Zelda fans. You won't be able to use the Gamecube controller on the Wii version of Twilight Princess.

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specialguest5384d ago

well because as cool as the new Wii-mote will be, sometimes you just want to sit there and use a simple controller to play the game for several hours.

wakkiwakko5384d ago

And the wiimote won’t let you play for several hours?

The article states that you can't use the GCN remote. What about the... Wiired? I’m sure Nintendo has realized that swinging can be tiresome. They’d be foolish to limit the game to that gimmick of a controller.

It might be a total blast playing Zelda with the wiimote and will be quite an enjoyable immersive experience but I don’t know. I love the idea. But it could just be too much. I’ll wait for reviews before I buy the wii and its list of impressive games.

BIadestarX5384d ago

Swing away boys swing away.

LilClaw5384d ago

Dude if don't feel like playing the Wii version for multiple hours just stick with the Gamecube version. Nintendo is releasing both a Wii and GC version, and the GC version It will still play on the Wii.