The Japan Preview: 12/5 Edition (MHP3, Tales F, Mario vs. DK DS)

VGC: "Monster Hunter Portable 3 launched in Japan this week. The title sold about 1.7m standalone copies from its week one shipment of 2 million units. Since the game was also bundled with PSP hardware, the final total is closer to 1.8m units. While 1.8m units sold is a staggering figure for Japan, preorders had reached 1.76m the day before launch, and so with a larger week one shipment Capcom likely could have sold 2.25m units (+/- 5%) of its major title this week. Overall though, all the undershipment really means is that the drop off next week will be lower than normal for a launch of this magnitude. MHP3 at 1.8m is the 10th largest software launch in Japan of all time."

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