Kinect now costs $200 on Ebay

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, consumers are starting to get the message that Kinect will not be available in many areas due to great demand. So what are you to do when your little one just won't be satisfied with anything else? Take to Ebay of course. Be prepared to pay a premium though. There are Kinect standalone camera units available but the price is over %33 higher than you would find at a traditional retailer. Recent auctions for the weekend of December 5th have seen the camera going for upwards of $200.00 which does not include shipping. While each day passes, inching closer and closer to the holiday, demand should increase and supply decrease leading to even higher prices for the toy.

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aviator1893293d ago

If I ever bought one, I just wish I could somehow learn to do all of those cool hacks I see for Kinect.