PSN to be Under Siege Soon

Originally announced way back in March 2009, Move compatible, real-time strategy, PlayStation Network game Under Siege was initially set to release last year, before being delayed to a November 3rd 2010 release. But after the day came and went, many worried that the highly anticipated downloadable title would slip yet another year. Thankfully, a recent listing by the ESRB has assuaged these fears, as it looks like the game will be coming this year.

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Sev2874d ago

About time. I know a ton of people that are going to be thrilled to know it's almost here.

Me on the other hand... meh.

doctorstrange2874d ago

To use the Move controller on it, Ruse was pretty fun with it

blusoops2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

That's disappointing to hear! :( Is it cause you don't like RTS's in general? Or do you know something we don't???
Was really looking forward to this title for the move support...

Sev2874d ago

Oh, I'm not knocking the game. I've never played it. I'm just not an RTS guy, and I'm usually playing unreleased games, so I am overly spoiled LOL.

I really gotta watch what I say. For all I know, Under Siege is a great title. I'm just a game snob, I guess you could say.

Thursday I'll be playing Sorcery, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, etc. So it's hard to get excited about anything but AAA games. Everything else is just work for me :)

doctorstrange2873d ago

Yeah, that's one game I really want to play

blackburn52874d ago

Any new Move games are a welcome addition to the line up. Will probably get the when i get my Move Wand for Xmas.

doctorstrange2874d ago

Looks like a good game to go with the move

Chromer2874d ago

Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Socom 4, Sorcery, and other PS games here in South Korea. Next year is going to be absolutely amazing.

doctorstrange2874d ago

Can't wait for next year, going to be so broke

wolfehound222873d ago

Another Move game, sounds good to me

doctorstrange2873d ago

Move has a killer lineup over the next few months