X360A: Shift 2: Unleashed Hands-On Preview

Realism is never a word that you'd have previously associated with the Need for Speed franchise until Shift came along. Boasting a fairly unique feature in its 'helmet-cam', which replicated the movements of the driver's head in a bid to recreate an authentic and visceral racing experience, Shift attempted to do something a little different with the racing sim.

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Jamaicangmr2871d ago

"What's also notable about this track is that it's also a night race, which Slightly Mad claims is genuine night time racing, not just a day time track in the dark."

Again in english please.

Jamaicangmr2871d ago

I got a disagree for wanting clarification? Wow! lol!

horndog2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I wonder if the xbox version will be the only ones with ferrari's again. If so than my choice is already made. Must have them Ferrari's.

ShinFuYux2871d ago

I loved the first, can't wait for this one. They should just drop the Need For Speed name and just go by SHIFT, from now on.