GameBlurb: Versus - Tron Evolution Screenshot Comparison [720p/HDMI]

GameBlurb writes, "Our Versus feature pits screenshots of cross platform titles against each other and you the viewer will decide the outcome! It’s PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 and the game that’s going to square off is Disney Interactive Studios Tron Evolution. Which will emerge victorious? Or will the battle end in a wash?"

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jaidek2877d ago

Wow, they look...the same! Now why can't devs do this with games we actually want to play?

junk3d2877d ago

I guess glows and reflections aren't hard to replicate cross platform. :D

MicrocutsX22877d ago

They look pretty much the same to me...

evildeli2877d ago

This game looks awesome. Can't wait to pick this up.

Kiroe2877d ago

I would almost buy the collectors edition just for the light cycle! And if the game is any good that is a bonus.

evildeli2877d ago

I just took a look at the second screenshot and it looks like the Xbox has better glows from the lights. But I don't see it as much in the other shots

Kiroe2877d ago

On the flip-side though, the Xbox 360 has some weird banding on image 2. Something with the lightmap. Overall as close to a tie as possible.

Vegeta90002877d ago

The PS3 version looks better. The 360 version looks like the colors are faded/washed out.

Simco8762876d ago

Usually the 360 version out does the PS3 on multiplats, but this game clearly wins on PS3.

I don't know how these people think "they look the same" its clearly better on PS3 this time around.