EA Boss Vows to Top Call of Duty, but How?

"If I had to pick the story I'd like to play out next year is we ship a 90 [Metacritic scoring game] and they ship an 85," John Riccitiello CEO of EA told Kotaku going on say that Black Ops and Bad Company 2 both have an 88 average on Metacritic. "What I've witnessed a couple of times in the games industry is the way you unseat a market leader is you make a better game a couple of times in a row," he adds.

Hit the jump for why he believes Battlefield 3 will trump Call of Duty...


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hoops3291d ago

It's not exactly hard to beat COD these days in quality....

aceitman3291d ago

do u think the guys that left from infinityward is blending cod with bf 3 gameplay

evrfighter3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

well think about it

bf1942 vs Cod winner = 1942
bf2 vs cod2 winner =bf2
bf2142 vs cod3 = cod3 is console only and fails
BC1 vs cod4 = bc1 console only DICE years behind now.
______ vs WaW = DICe has no answer
BC2 vs MW2 = (BC2 is a strong title but doesn't come close to true battlefield quality)
BC:V vs BOps = An expansion is automatic lose
BF3 vs MW3??= If this is a true battlefield title on pc. MW3 stands no chance if they use the same formula.

coincidence that each franchise has both gone console only and almost failed horribly?

you decide.

As it stands Battlefield 3 and CS are the only two franchises that can dethrone cod. A mass exodus of pc gamers to something greater leaves the console crowd feeling like they're stuck with stale leftovers and the cod franchise begins to crumble.

But like I've said this is EA we're talking about. If they don't do the pc version right they can kiss that vow goodbye.


you're preaching to the choir there. I know exactly what you mean.

reynod3291d ago


Well the reason Console gamers are now getting tired of Cod is because, there is no progress at all. Latest Black ops looks exactly like MW1. So sure anyone will get bored with stagnation.

When the same Franchise was PC exclusive it wasnt milked on a yearly basis, instead with every release there used to be improvements.

Now all there is are yearly milking of franchises with tons of DLC content(which also previously could be made for free via mods).

Substance1013291d ago

BF3 is said to be developed with DX11 in mind. BC2 on PC looked very good. If BF3 really has a DX11 engine from the ground up and uses the same BF2 formula. It will be an instant buy from me.

nix3291d ago

by calling his game "COD".

fans of the franchise will be happier when they get the better game.

imvix3291d ago

They need to take a lesson from Valve. Make a good game then support it. Releasing a new first person shooter every few months will just burn the genre.

Counter Strike a 10 year old game is still selling 100,000units a month.

gamerzBEreal173291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

isn't every sequel just new things added? a new story new updated graphics new guns/weapons (multible new guns and new system on how to unlock them with black ops) new game modes? (wager match) new maps im not sure but i think black ops has like 12 maps? theater mode 15 prestiges etc etc thats not to bad and considering u are saying its a exspansion from MW2 then its MW2 with zombies a whole other experiance thats one hell of an exspansion pack if u ask me gets me pissed how everyone hates on cod so much on this website call of duty is a good game and it got where its at for a reason ....

AAACE53291d ago

One thing that Battlefield games have always lacked is being able to do what the gamer wants it to do! The BF games are more realistic, but certain issues keep gamers from fully enjoying the experience.

Example... CoD allows you to pull up the aiming slightly quicker when trying to shoot. BF moves a bit slower. CoD usually has a steady aim, however, it allows you let off a few well placed shots to take someone down. I always feel that the BF games shoot too wildly even when trying to do the same thing. I can stand 10 virtual feet away from someone and unload a whole clip at them and probably miss in a BF game.

Another thing is the detached feeling! When playing CoD, I kinda feel like i'm with a real group of people and can sense where they are and what they are doing! With BF games i'm just playing a game... nothing more!

SixZeroFour3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i hope not and i also doubt battlefield 3 will beat cod in online activity on either 360 or ps3...the problem is that most fps'r would rather play an easy game over a game that actually requires strategy and/or teamwork

personally, im looking forward to both homefront and battlefield 3 to fill my fps needs but i know that out of the 17 or so ppl that are currently playing BlOps on my friends list, only 3 would prolly join me in either of the games i mentioned

EDIT @ aaace5 - for games like bf where it requires teamwork, you really can only play with your friends that have mics to enjoy it, cause in bfbc2 when i played with random ppl without mics, youre right, it did take away from the experience

BattleAxe3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

@ evrfighter,

That is the dumbest breakdown of game comparisons I've ever seen.

Battlefield 3 probably will be EA's Ace in the Hole. I'm a fan of both CoD and Battlefield, and I really don't like Black Ops, but the one thing that I hope EA can do is match the amount of content that the CoD games come with on the first day of release out of the box. BC2 was lacking content when it was released, but if it had come with the Onslaught Mode and the new maps from Map Pack 7 right when the game released, it would have blown everything else out of the water.

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RedDead3291d ago

THey only need to beat them in terms of sale, in terms of quaity, EA have done that a few times this gen.

reynod3291d ago

They will need to ramp up the marketing budget for that lol. It was almost insane the amount of Radio adverts i heard for Black ops. I travel alot, it wasnt in just 1 country either lol.

Half_Life_33291d ago

Battlefield 2 (pc only) is still the best Battlefield game

r1sh123291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I think the only way to beat call of duty is to have west and zampella (or how ever you spell their names) create a brand new game from scratch.
I also think that if a new franchise is being made, they should create the game engine from scratch. Unlike the lazy guys that made the MOH reboot who used the unchanged dice engine for multiplayer.

In my personal view I think call of duty is done now, black ops covered the last point in war and its getting pretty boring. I loved COD4, WAW, MW2 is annoying and black ops is a great game, but its not fun as they used to be. Where to get next - the future, Halo has done that.
On a final note if anyone does check the forums on the COD site, for both xbox and ps3, there are a number of complaints from each platform, most of which could have easily been fixed by a beta or demo. Why do so many publishers (activision in this case) not want to spend that extra little money to avoid frustration?
It always proves the importance of a beta when there are a massive number of problems with any game.

lazysey3291d ago


Call of Duty is an amazing franchise. If you don't like it don't play it. What they did with the franchise was bring in all sorts of people ranging from every cliche into gaming at a core entry level. The world doesn't revolve around you trying to find people to play BBC2 with, and if it does, leave people the fuck alone because you're spending more time bashing another game than actually playing the game you're interested in.

And if you're life continues to divulge in that agony that you can't find people to play BBC2, than go outside or find something more worthwhile to do, because I'm sick of all of your bitchin at COD as its getting relatively old.

And also, if I wanted to play quality games, I'd play my ps3 because in no hell you're going to find this fucking "quality" you seek in multiplatform development, as first party games is where quality is at(Except some 3rd party devs). Just look at Kirby's Epic Yarn. Thank you.

So all and all just give it up, its not like were trying to find a cure for cancer ... but a game to beat cod. Yes lets oversaturate the market with more FPS games because that'll make the economy better. I don't need another shooter, I'd rather travel to the future and play all the Uncharted sequels than wait till the day COD gets dethroned, and the truth is, it WON'T.

So looks like I'll see some of you kids, I mean then, grown ups in the future 2050.

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Convas3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That's why I keep saying. With all these absolutely stellar exclusives and great multiplats coming out next year, unless Call of Duty 8 is a huge breath of fresh air that knocks out socks off of us, it WILL fall before the might of other games.

Let's remember Gears of War 3 will likely be launching in November, so there's a chunk of audience right there. And if Uncharted 3 is even WHISPERED to be coming out towards Holiday 2011, there goes even more audience.

COD is going to be on shaky ground next year, mark my words. Barring a revolution to the franchise that is.

wsoutlaw873291d ago

ya i agree. I've enjoyed COD as much as the rest but its feeling old and played and i don't really feel like playing it much anymore. After playing the kz3 beta and with all of the other games next year, i think im done. After playing the MOH single player I cant even get my self to finish the single player. Im down to just playing zombies and wager matches.

Shuklar3291d ago

It doesn't need to knock anyone's socks off. The name alone will have the sheeps coming back for more of the same old crap. Yup...baaaaaaack for more

krisq3291d ago

Look at McDonald. It's bad, yet everybody still eats it.

ape0073291d ago

it's not exactly bad, some people think it's great, in the end, it all come down to personal preference but you know some people like to feel special not liking something popular and others like to blindly follow popular stuff

Pandamobile3291d ago

BLOPS will be my last COD game for a long time.

There's WAY too many awesome games coming out in 2011for me to give half a shit about then next Call of Duty game.

If BF3 comes out in 2011, I won't need another MP game for years.

saint_john_paul_ii3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i actually cant wait till i finally get crysis 3 playing on my PC.

BTW, should i replace GTX 470 and upgrade or go SLi with it?

Substance1013291d ago

Depends what kind of CPU you got before you think about going SLI. If the CPU is like a I5 or I7 overclocked to around 4ghz, go ahead SLI by all means.

jack who3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i love dice but they need re thinking i just see why i feel like a drunk man whenever i play one of their fps

visualb3291d ago

" i just see why i feel like a drunk man whenever i play one of their fps"

stop drinking before you play it...

Genecalypse3291d ago

Sure youre not drunk right now?

ChrisW3291d ago

Beer and BF:BC2

0 beers = normal playing
1 beer = better playing
2 beers = slightly better playing than 1 beer
3 beers = skill somewhat plateaus
4 beers = skill starts to degrade
5 beers = serious degradation in skill
6 beers = What the hell am I playing?!?

In other words, drink in moderation!!!

xYLeinen3291d ago

n my eyes they have already done that, and it's called Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It's beyond me why everyone is playing Black Ops instead of BC2.

reynod3291d ago

Badcompany 2 easily looks a generation ahead of Black ops, specially on PC.

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