Fans speculate what the future Tomb Raider game might look like

With the rampant rumors floating around of a completely rebooted Tomb Raider game in the making, fans from all over the world are both anxious and curious as to what the future of Tomb Raider really holds. This article contains a compilation of various fan photo manipulations and artworks of what they envision the next Tomb Raider might be like.

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jay22875d ago

Very intrested in this, it's ashame Gamemaster UK are a month late on this.

MelonieMac2875d ago

Me too!! Rumor has it we will get something official by tomorrow, so hopefully it's right. Definitely going to be on the lookout!

Ninferno2875d ago

Who's the publisher for this game? I could see the big announcement held off until the VGAs. Lots of other games seem like their going that route for this Saturday.

sarshelyam2875d ago

No, Crystal Dynamics is the Developer, the Publisher, naturally, would be Square-Enix considering they own them.

itsralf2875d ago

You're right. Between Core Design, Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, And Square-Enix I mixed them up.

IuseC42875d ago

An open world game done right, IMO, is the best type of game there is currently. Very exciting!

MelonieMac2875d ago

I completely agree. An open world Tomb Raider would just be... so bombtastic!! :D

Ninferno2875d ago

some of those look real cool. hoep the game doesnt disappoint!

MelonieMac2875d ago

We should be finding out more information sometime soon. If it really is open world like they say, I am sure it will be a huge success! Tomb Raider was just meant to be open world! :D


I really hope she does look like a Tomb Raider carrying kit and everything and not some slut running around.

nickjkl2875d ago

wait didnt they tone her down from her initial model

SuicidalTendencies2875d ago

I'm all for an open world Tomb Raider game as long as Puzzles, platforming, and raiding of tombs is not taken out of the game. Last time they tried to change Tomb Raider we got Angel of Darkness.

Ninferno2875d ago

I agree completely. Let's hope the keep what made the series great intact.

itsralf2875d ago

Angel of Darkness was a decent game. It could have been much better, but it was rushed. A lot of series had trouble with the jump from PS1-PS2. (Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Arc the Lad, Tenchu, Spyro)

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The story is too old to be commented.