SEGA reveal some explosive Full Auto 2 screenshots

Full Auto 2 is the sequel to the Xbox 360 title Full Auto, a game which sees you destroy everything in site with nothing but your car and a couple of pea shooters. The new game is a PS3 exclusive and will be released this November.

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TheMART5379d ago

A very sh!tty game too lame to be true. Like Ridge Racer 6. It'll make just a nice exclusive. Like one no one really wants to buy

jiggajayp5379d ago

This game looks horrible compared to full auto 1 which was rushed!!! But I constantly keep hearing "ps3 1st gen games are on par or better looking than 360 games" DON`T MAKE ME LAUGH MAN!!!

jiggajayp5379d ago

Did I mention that this game is wack?!!!

THE TRUTH5379d ago

It doesn't matter WTF you think!! Its not like your planning on getting a PS3 anywayz so who the .uck cares about your worthless comments? Come with some new critizism

specialguest5379d ago

they're just mad because they lost an exclusive. hahahah. no matter what they type, the fact will ALWAYS remains that they lost one.

PS360PCROCKS5379d ago

Lol we lost an exclusive? Don't you think if Full Auto 1 was any good Microsoft would have kept it as their own franchise? Your an idiot...don't make lame comments about things you don't know, the first game was horrific and repetitive, and that screenshot looks no better than anything the 360 did, it's the same game we got but expanded, maybe they can make it an ok game, but the idea is so shallow that this game will only ever be just ok

specialguest5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

hahaha you fell into my trap. i made that silly comment for my own amusement to see who will react.

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The story is too old to be commented.