Microsoft's Kinect Misses the Mark

Scott Anthony: It's rare that a technological innovation creates debate both in the Anthony household and among my colleagues, but Microsoft's Kinect had done just that. The core issue: did Microsoft over-stretch in its effort to transform the gaming market?

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tehReaper2876d ago

Why in the world would you want a two year old using an iPad?

ddelella2875d ago

5 words..."Fastest selling device in history". Even if the device itself was not the greatest because of a minor lag (which has been show to be a developer issues in many cases) and lack of starting library they at least sold a ton and plan to sell more. Mission accomplished in my book.

oohWii2874d ago

Sorry, no disrespect intended but to hell with the charlie test. Can Charlie drive a car? Perhaps cars have missed the mark then.

Can Charlie cook a mean, oops those stupid stoves.

Another retarded opinion piece when some clown creating reasons to fail something.

Doh, I'm up next in Kinect Bowling...gotta go.