EVE Evolved: Massively Mob Mission Mash

With just over a hundred pilots signed up to the corp and more sure to come, there's no time like the present to kick off the first big event night. Find out how you can get involved in the Massively Mission Mash.

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CombineElite3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

and has been resurrected in the form of the MMO.

You know you've heard it read it and even said it "PC Gaming is Dead".

No my friend PC gaming is so far advanced that some gamers, media, and companies don't understand it. PC gaming is the creator, innovator, and the future.

Now MMO's are what PC gamers play and Eve is the best one for my gaming style. Some like WOW some like Aion I like Eve because the whole game is player driven. CCP just created a world, filled it with tools and it's up to the gamers to make it go and boy does it go. everyone has a job and a purpose and nothing is better than 100 fighters taking out a super carrier and collecting the isk.

With the 2011 introduction of Dust 514 which is a MMOFPS allowing gamers to battle for control of planets and it's resources inside the Eve Online universe including interaction with Eve online in real time, Eve is shaping up to be even more innovative than it is now.

Why waste 60 bucks on a 6 hour game when I got like 100 hours into a game that will never end, improves game play and graphics over time, expands, and keeps me happily entertained with solo game play or interacting with thousands of gamers all on one server.

here's a couple of video explanations of what Eve is, trust me Eve is hard to describe and just asking gamers questions really doesn't help cause they all use Eve lingo and your like what?