One of the Best Indy games ever hit 700k Purchases

Most of you know of the amazing PC Indy game, that every one is playing right now; Minecraft, But this beast of a game has just hit 700,000 Purchases...

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curtis3943295d ago

Such a great game, Notch Fully deserves all the money he gets.

CombineElite3295d ago

I think it has done 200,000 a month the last two months. Dam near Zero advertising and has spread like wild fire by word of mouth and a few reviews. That old school PC gaming right there.

Awesome game.

dkblackhawk503295d ago

Friggin love minecraft, best indie game by far.

CovertGunman3295d ago

Oh how I love Minecraft, but oh how I've neglected it also. :(

mobijoker3294d ago

Better sales than CoD on pc

Faelan3294d ago

Minecraft is a great example that you don't need shiny DX11 graphics and a marketing department bigger than the Chinese army in order to succeed. Get your gameplay right and the game -will- sell on its own.

I hope the big guys are paying attention to this, because I'm tired of playing the same old copyclones with a new polish and a truckload of empty hype. Minecraft has frankly been the best PC game purchase I've made this year and I doubt it'll change when WoW Cataclysm shows up in my mailbox tomorrow.