Twisted Metal To Arrive Before December 2011, Release Date Announcement Soon

2011 looks to be a stellar year, in fact, it is packed with so many PlayStation 3 exclusives that Sony will be competing with themselves for our hard earned cash. Along with Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and possibly Uncharted 3, one of the PS3′s biggest games is Eat Sleep Play’s new Twisted Metal – but when can we expect to get our hands on the upcoming game?

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Joule2874d ago


DORMIN2874d ago

So it is coming next year.

Jeez Sony... Exclusives, much?!

I'm CONFIRMED on getting these:

Ico col and TLG - $100
Infamous 2 - $60
Killzone 3 - $60
Journey - $10?
PxJ Shooter 2 - $10?
LBP2 CE - $80
Resistance 3- $60

$380 for sure =/
Amazon deals FTW!

pork_chop_express2874d ago

Mass effect 2
Dead space 2 and extraction
Killzone 3
Motorstorm 3
Move heroes
Ape fury fury
Virtua tennis 4
Socom 4
Yakuza 4
ico collection

Thats just the first 3 months, dont think am missing any.

Troll_Police2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


I'm buying:

Little Big Planet 2 $60
Killzone 3 $60
Socom 4 $60
Infamous 2 $60
ICO collection $40
The Last Guardian $60
Resistance 3 $60
Twisted Metal $60
MLB 11: The Show $60
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One $60
Motorstorm: Apacolypse $60
Yakuza 4 $60
Journey $15
Mass Effect 2(with free DLC and 6 extra hours of content) $60
Dead Space 2(with Extraction for free) $60

Geez, who wants to be my getaway driver while I rob a bank?

-Alpha2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


Are you seriously getting ALL those games when it comes out?

My early 2011 buys will be:

-LBP2 (Limited Edition)
-inFamous 2
-Socom 4

I then have to save up for the remainder of the year:

-ICO Collection
-The Last Guardian
-Twisted Metal
-Journey (whenever that comes out)

Sadly I have to withhold getting Killzone, Resistance, Dead Space, Mass Effect 2, etc :(

Too little money. It's a funny thing when you are complaining about TOO many games.

Ugh, I also have to get a list of games for my DS.

fedex6822874d ago

You guys forgot the taxes!

So much money out of the pocket next year :(

gamesR4fun2874d ago


still cant wait tho i may hafta go to the states n sell some blood for it...

DigitalAnalog2874d ago

Too many games on 2011. Sometimes I have a small guilty conscience that I do hope some of these games don't live up to the hype so I can save up on cash. Except for the really expected ones.

-End of Line

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Sev2874d ago

This is like the only PS3 exclusive I am just not excited about.

PirateThom2874d ago

Same... I dunno, Twisted Metal has always been a great franchise but I've never been hyped about it.

-Alpha2874d ago

The Multiplayer demo SOLD me. Split-screen, with in-game music is a given.

It may not be for you and that's cool, but I'm personally really excited. What really got me were the crazy MP modes.

Sitris2874d ago

Mulit-player demo? Did i miss something?

Nitrowolf22874d ago


E3 had a demo of it

doctorstrange2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

But, twisted metal!!!

NJShadow2874d ago

Same here. Never played the older games because the graphics were so-so and the gameplay was just not fun to me. Add to that the grungy, demonic styling which totally turned me off. The series just never appealed to me at all.

Jrome2874d ago

Yeh, the beautiful thing about the ps exclusives of old, is that they didn't appeal to every owner. They appealed to certain segments of the audience. Not all of the 70+ million ps2 owners bought all the games.

They all had their preferences. So people disagreeing with these guys because they are not excited....wipe the fanboy out of your eyes.

I for one, love the Twisted Metal series :D,and I hope "before december" doesn't mean november XD.

pork_chop_express2874d ago

equal measure nostalgia and hype for me love me some twisted metal :)

Bathyj2874d ago

Not that fussed myself. I having liked a TM since part 2. Do they still have special move?

Plus you know this is going to be online centric which leaves me out, just like Warhawk did.

If its a good SP campain then I might consider.

JonnyBigBoss2874d ago

I played it over and over again at E3. I gotta say it's on top of my to get list for 2011.

Ravage272874d ago

but Twisted Metal is awesome! :(

Splitscreen gaming really doesn't get any better than this

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Nitrowolf22874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Sweet, my guess VGA
hurry up VGA so i can watch all the trailers

doctorstrange2874d ago

Really pumped for the VGAs

Teddybee2874d ago

Suck like the last ones

user94220772874d ago

2011 is really shaping up to be one of the greatest years for gaming.

The amount of PS3 exclusives are astonishing when you consider the likes of inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, LittleBigPlanet 2, The Last Guardian and hopefully (most probably) Uncharted 3.

Jrome2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

And I'm sure they have more unannounced as well.

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